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Monday, June 14, 2010

Worse Before it Gets Better

If you follow my speculation (I think you could replace speculation with "pattern recognition") that Morgellons symptoms are connected to mercury as a neurotoxin, then what I have to say about healing and symptoms should make sense. I wish I didn't have to say it, but the symptoms may get worse before they get better.

Mercury in the body can be categories as primary sources and secondary sources. The primary sources in my case were the nine amalgam fillings in my mouth. In removing and replacing fillings, there may be an increase in secondary deposits (in other words carriage of mercury beyond the blood/brain barrier). In my case, I was symptoms did not seem to get worse. I do know I've seen blog entries related to sufferers getting fillings removed and having the crawling sensations get much worse; this makes sense to me as I think (at least in these cases) the secondary levels were increased resulting in increased symptoms. My recommendation is if you are going to have your dental work removed and replaced, get the best biologic dentist you can find! It may cost more, but you're worth it!

If you are a sufferer and find your symptoms to get worse, it may be a good sign. I would, at least, understand it is probably indicative of toxins (mercury) being on the move. Keep some quiet time for yourself daily. It will help greatly to replace all fear of bugs with "just symptoms" thoughts.

I'm happy to have one follower presently. My hope is to double this weekly from this week forward. The tsunami is a little ways off yet.

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