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Monday, June 7, 2010

Morgellons Spectrum

I believe the primary cause of Morgellons's symptoms is mercury as a neurotoxin. As the levels of mercury increases beyond the blood/brain barrier so too do the symptoms. When I consider my own case it is like an onion with layers (increase the layers and additional symptoms occur, decrease the layers and symptoms disappear).

I had many unexplained medical symptoms prior to the crawling sensations of Morgellons; these include panic attacks/ depression (these symptoms go hand in hand), racing/irregular heart beats, severe loss of energy (went from 20 miles+ of mountainous trail running to barely being able to walk a single mile), bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, "chronic prostatitis", E. D. (hope I don't have to spell it out). These symptoms started as early as 1988 (graduate school)and carry through the present. Since I had my dental work replaced and began chelation, most of these symptoms have not occurred (although I still have some degree of bloating). In short, I do feel there is a connection between past symptoms and issues of toxicity. The cleaner my body, the better I am.

I will mention having had five emergency room visits over the last six years. The symptoms for each were similar--I felt disoriented, had difficulty breathing, got irregular heart beats, and was certain I was about to die. I was told they were severe panic attacks. There was also something going on with my blood sugar levels. I haven't had anything like this in over a year and think they could relate to high levels of mercury in the air from the power plants in the Four Corners (I do not live there any more because of these).

I have to mention in my many years of suffering from this mix of various symptoms no medical professional ever made mention of them possibly related to mercury poisoning. The medical world needs to better understand mercury's effects!

So, if my case is typical of the effects of increased mercury levels, then Morgellons as a condition related to mercury levels is occurring in a spectrum. The reason documented cases do not appear the same is due to 1) levels of toxin, and 2) individual reaction to toxin.

If this spectrum is proven true, consider the drugs being given to cover up or manage symptoms. The drug industry makes more money if we stay sick.

While I am concerned about those suffering, I think the unborn may be the "canaries in the coal mine" as mercury is passed from mother to child at ten times the rate! It is awful to think about. Again, the drug industry profits by children being born with autism, ADD and ADHD.

The hope I give in this entry is that we can see the patterns and understand the implication. Removing primary toxins (dental and etc.) along with aggressive detoxing can lead to elimination of symptoms. Clean up our bodies,our families, our towns, our countries... then we can clean up the world.


  1. Joe at the time you started your protocol what was your diet like and did you make any changes to it ie less sugar and crabs more protein etc?

  2. Tommy, When I started my protocol (that is Dr. Amin's and Dr. Shelton's), I was convinced I needed to change my internal environment. I did avoid sweets and tried to focus on making myself less acidic. I drank a lot of alfalfa tea (it seemed to "quiet" the crawling).

    At this point, I'm still health about my eating, but not as concerned as I had been. I do read every label before I buy. I try to keep plenty of organic vegs. and fruit at hand. I also try to follow the blood type diet.

    Hope this is helpful.