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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Healing From Morgellons- My Present Take

I’ve been getting a number of sufferers asking how to get started and what to do to get on the path of recovery. There are plenty of possibilities. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the various protocols out there. The list I provide below is another. Since you’ve found your way to this blog, you’ve likely heard my theory on cause of symptoms (mercury in part or in whole) and my take on common ground of those recovering (a Toxins Out, Nutrients In approach). Here’s my list:
1)      Forgive/Love Yourself- I know this is easier said than done. Emotional luggage takes us places we do not need to continually revisit…and it adversely changes biochemistry. We need to take this beast by the throat, throttle it and throw it over the cliff! Just say NO to negative thinking!
2)      Eat Right- Eat organic raw and wholesome foods. High amounts of greens do the body good. Juicing is an excellent way to increase the nutrients getting to us at the cellular level (I started with a $5 thrift store juicer. Get to your local farmers market and ask for reduced/ dented/ ugly vegetables and fruit at reduced price. Juicing doesn’t need to be expensive).
3)      Supplement Detoxing- While there are plenty of supplements out there, I am currently taking only a handful. I have been trying my best to reclaim my endocrine/ hormonal system, in part, by taking iodine (thyroid) and a testosterone booster. I am also taking Readysorb, a glutathione supplement, to increase the exit of mercury. I take chlorella at each meal- ten tablets per meal (Dr. Chris Shade recommends 50- 70 tablets per day) to pull inorganic mercury out of the lower intestines and colon. A high quality daily mineral/ vitamin is important.
4)      Exercise- Exercise can take many forms. The important key concepts for it to be successful are to: A) Be consistent and B) Do not overdo it. Overshadowing these concepts is to focus on making it fun! If you don’t enjoy it, you are not likely to make it part of your daily routine. There are a million and one ways to exercise- find what works for you!
5)      Daily Quiet Time- Make time to relax, meditate, pray, do yoga, walk in nature, or just swing in a hammock. Your system needs to have these breaks. Turn off the TV, turn on the silence. This will benefit you greatly! Again, it has much to do with biochemistry.
6)      Work Toward Happiness- I recently watched a TED talk where the speaker (sorry… I can’t remember her name) studied happiness and concluded happy people do three things- have an attitude of gratitude, avoid being perfectionist, and love fully without concern of potentially being hurt. I’ve been giving it a try and finding it very useful!
7)      Share- Keep a journal of your recovery. Let other know what you’ve gone through and what you find helpful. Start your own blog (why not!?). Begin a TONI (Toxins Out, Nutrients In) group for your community. Do presentations and be brave with sharing. The time for silence is over! Speak up and be heard!

I hope this is helpful. I’m not a medical pro and don’t have plans to ever be one. If you are a medical pro and understand Morgellons, PLEASE SPEAK UP! The general public, sufferers, and other medical pros needs to hear from you. Help the healing happen instead of floating along allowing the delusion of this condition being delusional continue.

I, like many of those volunteering time toward helping sufferers, have not been talking much lately; we’re all feeling a little burnt out. Forgive me for not be more regular in my communications and understand I’m doing the best I can. We all want to see EVERYONE recover! You are NOT ALONE! Peace, Joe