Some peace while putting the pieces together

I am creating this at the new coffee shop in town. The owner and I just talked about a concept we're calling a "bright ripple". The bright ripple starts with one, builds to two, and keeps growing. It's positive action growing exponentially until it creates a tsunami of bright beauty and chases off the dark. Everyone get your boards and surf the ripple!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Blogtalk Radio Show

Pamela Crane has invited me to speak on a blogtalk radio show. I've tried to cut and paste from her site announcement and still it comes out not quite right (I must confess I'm not cyber-savy). Anyhow, the information is below. I'm curious how the show will go.

Hope you're there- Joe

Coming Soon!

Joseph W. Keleher- Writer,Teacher, and World Traveler
Airs on April 28, 2011 4:00 PM Pacific Time

Guest call-in number 1 (661) 621-7550
To Simply listen on the Web click below
Beyond the Barrier: A Hypothetical Model for Cause and Progression of Morgellons Disease

The author proposes the symptoms set often referred to as Morgellons Disease is the result of increasing
inorganic mercury levels beyond the blood/brain barrier (hereafter referred to as the Barrier Theory).
Joining Joe to add depth to his research will be Patricia Springstead RN, and her husband Dr Richard Springstead.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Power to Forgive

I know I have said it before, but I'll say it again. I think we are on the verge of understanding Morgellons for what it truly is. I know that ever day without answers to those suffering can feel like an eternity. Let's consider answers are near at hand. What can we expect?

If we suddenly are given the absolute answer of what Morgellons is about, the first shift would be one away from understanding cause and towards designing a best and most affordable route to health for sufferers. This needs to happen quickly and sensibly.

If the issue is found to be toxicity, I suggest sufferers make health and not anger priority number one. I am not suggesting anger isn't justified. What I am suggesting is anger will not help in healing. Everybody deserves to heal.

If the cause is found to be mercury, as I believe, can we approach the future as a challenge? Can we forgive the doctors, researchers, dentist and others for questioning, labeling, and degrading? It would be an enormous challenge for Morgellons sufferers as a whole, but also as individuals.

I know there is a power in forgiving. There is also a power in asking to be forgiven. I believe peace can be found. Whatever your beliefs, bring forgiving into the formula towards wellness.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Grocery Shopping AKA Treasure Hunting

I've probably said this before, but I'll say it again. Think of your body as a bouncing blob of water. Your job is to clean out the toxins, while not letting new toxins in. Sounds simple, right? Think again.

Toxins may make their way into your body through water (not just drinking but also bathing), air, and food. Each area of potential toxins needs to be considered. When I go shopping for food, there are a couple of things I try to keep in mind (though I could be better...especially at avoiding potato chips). So, here are some pieces of what I try to keep in mind as I go to the grocery store.

1) Stick to the outside aisles- I try to limit the items I get from the inner shelves of a super market. Vegetables, fruit, and meats are usually to the outside. Things on the inner shelves are meant to last and more likely to have preservatives.

2) Buy green produce- I try to get greens every time I go to the grocery. If you have access to a farmers' market, get good fruit and veggies there (in Africa I would go to the market in downtown Arusha). Organic makes sense if you are eating the skin (for example, organic bananas make less sense as you take off the peelings anyhow). A recent study showed strawberries as having up to sixteen types of pesticides on the skin.

3)Read the labels- If you cannot pronounce the contents on a food label, it is best avoided. Look for any sign of heavy metals (such as aluminum). Keep in mind you want only the best for your body.

4) Create a shopping list before you go...and stick to it!- Make your shopping list on a full stomach. Recheck based on foods you are certain will benefit your health. Stick to your list and do not stray.

I could use input from someone who really knows nutrition. The trip to a typical grocery store feels like a treasure hunt. I'd like to believe I do a great job. I know I could do better (especially avoiding the chips). Good luck on your search.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Theory on the Foundation of Morgellons

I have worked out my thoughts on the foundation of Morgellons. It's pretty simple really. I think the primary symptoms are due to mercury changing from inorganic to organic to inorganic. In the organic state, mercury can move beyond the blood brain barrier. It may accumulate beyond the barrier in an inorganic state. As amounts beyond the barrier increase, the symptoms worsen.

I took about a week to write up this theory in hopes of getting it published and viewed by those who need to consider it. A number of medical doctors have been reviewing my writing this past week (I'd like it to be presented the best it can be). Anyhow, in seeking feedback, Pamela Crane of Hyper Toxic World asked if I'd be willing to be a part of a related radio show along with Patricia Springstead RN and her husband Dr. Richard Springstead. It'd be taped (and first aired I think) on April 28th. Here's the link to promote this: . It should be interesting for all involved.