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I am creating this at the new coffee shop in town. The owner and I just talked about a concept we're calling a "bright ripple". The bright ripple starts with one, builds to two, and keeps growing. It's positive action growing exponentially until it creates a tsunami of bright beauty and chases off the dark. Everyone get your boards and surf the ripple!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Health- Sometimes Expensive, Sometimes Free

Though it’s a bit jumbled and emotionally-ridden, I wanted to share some thoughts on today’s health system. I know most everyone fighting Morgellons has some serious war stories...but also tear-jerkin' tender moments. 

The medical world is pretty frustrating. It seems the approach to “quality research” makes the professionals appear as Jane Goodall knockoffs studying the lifestyle of sloths. Come on, folks! Let’s move it! On cancer. On diabetes. On Morgellons!

When I returned to Cortez, CO not quite two years ago, I was saddened to hear my Primary Care Physician had died from a brain tumor. He was caring, sincere and willing to listen- all good characteristics. I’ve since found a replacement, but made him alert to my slant towards Functional Medicine.

I have for several years been promoting Functional Medicine though written and spoken words. I decided, if I could afford it, I should make an appointment with a nearby Practitioner who specializes in neurology and see if it was beneficial.  The phone receptionist told me my initial visit would be two hours long and cost me $720 out of pocket (they can’t take insurance…of course).

So, what is my point in sharing this? I question the need to make health assistance so expensive. Yes, medical professionals should make something for their knowledge, schooling, and experience, but when it becomes inaccessible to the general public because of cost, something is wrong.

Occasionally, those who are promoting health come through with a very good idea….and this one’s FREE! A detox summit will be offered online and should be very worthwhile. Here’s the link to check it out- I’m  impressed with the speaker line up. I did sign up as a Detox Summit Affiliate, primarily to promote the free content. 

Happy health! Joe

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Exercise, Niacin and Sauna

I have been following a new approach to detoxing based primarily on an interview of Dr. George Yu by Dr. Joe Mercola .
Here is the approach I am taking/ suggesting-
Open bodies channels for elimination of toxins- kidney, liver and colon through coffee enemas, supplements, and diet

 Follow healthy diet and utilize large doses of natural chelators (cilantro and chlorella)

Exercise, Niacin and Sauna-

Dr. Yu suggests building up to 5000 mg of niacin. I was able to get as high at 2500…but found myself having serious reactions (my skin turned blotchy red especially in upper torso/around joints and vomiting in the am). 
I have decided for myself 1000 mg daily is enough.   Your body will let you know when you’re beyond your limit. Take your time and slowly build levels. Eventually, I may up my intake to 2000 mg daily.

I am fortunate to have a sauna. I know some may consider this an extravagant expense. I actually found my sauna heater and door on craigslist. With cedar, redwood and electrical work, I spent right around $2000.
My last sauna was an online purchase of an infrared sauna. Ramona on is a big promoter of quality infrared saunas and also provides a wealth of information for those suffering from Morgellons-Ramona on Morgellons

Morgellons sufferers may have bodies ill-designed for toxic removal. The fact that Morgellons has forced me to better understand my body and how it works makes it more of a blessing and less of a curse. I plan routine detoxing in an ongoing fashion.

Hope this is helpful.

To your health,

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Stephen King Letter

I’ve heard it many times from Morgellons sufferers- “I feel like I’m in a Stephen King novel.” I wrote the “Master of Horror” to ask if he’d consider coauthoring a book on Morgellons Disease with me. I was pleased to get a response from his Assistant (though also humored to find two grammatical errors).

I had a potluck last night and shared the note with one of my writer friends. David suggested, “You should ask him to write an intro to the book; it’d get you just as many of the public interested and he’d not have to make too much of a commitment.” Good idea!

I’d like to pitch the intro idea to Stephen King. The likelihood of him considering might increase if he received a letter or two (or a hundred or a thousand) from Morgellons sufferers from around the planet recommending my project. Please consider sending a note to: Stephen King, 1380 Hammond St., Bangor, ME 04401. Help me show the world Morgellons Disease deserves everyone's attention.


Joe Keleher

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Talking About Morgellons on Youtube

This woman's account of all she has gone through could be the story of so many of the sufferers I've communicated with. The world does need to know! Laura Cherry Talks About Morgellons God bless her for sharing! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Screaming Without a Sound

The Dream- I am in a crowd, at a ball or some fantastic party where everyone is laughing, dancing and lifting a glass to life. I’m in the center of the action. It is a fantastic place!

Somehow, someway, I spot a bomb hidden under a table, a meteorite dropping from the sky straight for our heads, or some other impending doom. I scream! I have no voice. I scream again until red in the face and veins pop. No one hears. The band keeps playing. The couples dance and laugh. I have no voice. I am not heard. I surrender and awake panting with the chilling unsettled acceptance of reality.

The Reality- I am the first person to document recovery from Morgellons Disease. When the symptoms first started, I had not heard about Morgellons (I was directed to information by a scabies cleaning product representative). I researched all I could about Morgellons Disease; there wasn’t much. I found an article by Dr. Omar Amin, a parasitologist, relating symptoms to dental adhesive; it was a miracle.

I did recover. It was something worth sharing. I sent my write-up to Dr. Omar Amin, so he could share it with others; he returned my email a month later with the news the editor of Explore! medical journal was interested in publishing my account ( .

While editing my account for Explore!, I decided to see what else was written about Morgellons Disease. I found Kellett’s 1935 article “Sir Thomas Browne and The Morgellons” ( and in reading and rereading I noted patterns in descriptions by medical professionals of long ago. I decided it was worth investigating further. I felt I had no choice but to define the common ground between my symptoms and the symptoms documented in the Languedoc Provenance of France from 1550- 1776 and later in Victorian London. The accounts in France made no mention of possible cause, but the accounts in Victorian London stated a clear association with hat bands.

How could hat bands connect to my recovery by the removal and replacement of my amalgam fillings? Duhh! Mercury!

Once summer break arrived, I drove to Sandy, Utah, left my pick-up truck at my brother Chris’s place and caught a flight to London. I decided to look for the “smoking gun” connecting mercury to Morgellons Disease. I had little plans except to get to the hostel at Holland Park and see if I might see a Shakespeare play at The Globe (I actually got to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream via a half-price ticket on my first night in Merry Olde London!)

Without giving a long-winded account of my travel and research adventures from the summer of ’08, I will simply provide a link to the final published findings -(  I do believe with further investigation, the account in Languedoc will clearly connect to mercury exposure through the use of dyes containing cinnabar (this area of France was known for drapery production during the timeframe of documented Morgellons Disease symptoms.) With time, money, and support, I’d be willing to head such a project.

Back to the scream, I’ve published other pieces related to Morgellons Disease (see “Morgellons Research” on my website: ), I’ve blogged about the relationship to toxicity (see and I’ve communicated endlessly about it with sufferers and professionals on and off line.


I’ve been screaming on and off for well over six years. The Holman Foundation researchers have shown a credible connection to borrelia which is used to diagnose Lyme disease (see- ); what they haven’t bothered to present is lyme disease and mercury poisoning are often misdiagnosed one for the other as well as the fact that mercury and borrelia occupy the same pockets of the body (guess what? Borrelia love mercury. See-  Who’da thunk!)

Have I done enough screaming for today? Probably not. Let me know if you've heard my scream.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Morgellons Related Book- Follow Up

It's a "no go" on the Morgellons related book.

I had only one very enthusiastic response and that was it. I'm guessing it just isn't the right time.

Given my current life of a highly demanding teaching position along with over-seeing the repairs of my fixer-upper, I don't actually have the time right now. I do think all of the time and effort I've put toward the cause of better understanding Morgellons has been worthwhile. As always, if new ground-breaking research on Morgellons is released, I will certainly keep you posted.

For now- signing out- Joe

p.s. If you haven't read my Merworld Fantasy, Beul Nam Beinn, I dedicated it to Morgellons Sufferers Everywhere. It was my favorite writing project so far and it had been getting excellent reviews! You can find it through Amazon or my main website: . Thanks!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Should I Write a Book on Morgellons Disease or Not?

A little over a year ago I was prompted by a friend to start writing a nonfiction piece on Morgellons Disease. I outlined a book which I estimated would be between 125 and 200 pages in length. It would define Morgellons, present theories on cause and explore peer-reviewed research. I also planned on including stories of recovery, suffering and a chapter with entries by medical professionals titled “Thoughts on Morgellons”.

Fast forward ahead six months, I’d found a full-time teaching position and decided I needed to somehow find the means to get to Austin for the Holman Foundation’s Annual meeting (and make my trip worthwhile by arranging some interviews for my book while there). I worked extended days and over the weekends to accumulate enough comp time to get some days off. I saved money and cut costs enough to buy a flight ticket, pay the meeting fee and reserve a bed at a hostel. I was confident I would be able to have some finality and free myself from ever thinking about Morgellons again- for good!

I expected the meeting to motivate me further towards finishing the book. Instead it had the opposite effect. I felt shunned and belittled. While the foundation welcomed my participation fee, the “experts” appeared to rush down the hall in the opposite direction when I approached (a couple did give me a minute or two).  I felt my time, energy and money had been wasted; it sent me in a swirl mentally and I have hardly picked up my pencil since.

So here I am now. I have a new home and another teaching position. Returning to elementary teaching is truly a whole new challenge (I’ve been working nearly as many unpaid as paid hours). I feel pretty content though and have started to pick up my pencil again. My words are still less-than-smooth. My thoughts continue to be fairly scattered. Still, I am here to ask a question- Should I write a book on Morgellons Disease or not?

I need some motivation. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time (including my own). I have dedicated many hours and much money toward writing and publishing on the topic of Morgellons. Let me know your thoughts.

Joe Keleher (AKA Morgellons Joe)