Some peace while putting the pieces together

I am creating this at the new coffee shop in town. The owner and I just talked about a concept we're calling a "bright ripple". The bright ripple starts with one, builds to two, and keeps growing. It's positive action growing exponentially until it creates a tsunami of bright beauty and chases off the dark. Everyone get your boards and surf the ripple!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Opening Up to Health

If you've read any of my research, you know I think mercury as a neurotoxin is in part or whole the cause of Morgellons symptoms. For the nervous system to clean out, channels need to be opened and tensions need to be released.

Exercise good for internal flow include: yoga, tai chi, martial arts, and so on. Even simple stretches can help. Key is to move the body in ways it doesn't move regularly (to a point...and with care). A slow and easy start is best.

I like yoga as it is moving meditation (somehow it feels like I'm multitasking). I find it relaxing, enjoyable and I always feel better afterwords. I went to classes at one time, but discovered yoga card sets and found I could do the asanas on my own (of course it is better with a professional guiding you).

I recently went to a free yoga class (I was visiting a friend in NYC and wanted something to do while she was off on a bike trip) where yoga was combined with tai chi. The instructor told us to do a soft pounding rhythm about 2 inches below our belly button (connected to some important chi point?). Whatever the term for the point, it is a major area for nerves. I now do this light fisted pounding when I go trail running in the morning (I count to 100 pounds 5 times over a 1 hour jog). Does it help? I don't know...but I think it could.

The other exercise I learned in this session is something I'll call "bobble head". You simply bobble your head back and forth in a figure eight (think Stevie Wonder) while sitting upright. This should loosen up the nerves and muscles below the skull. You might try it and see what you think. I usually do this when I'm sitting in the sauna.

One of the purchases I made when I started to detox was a hand massager. It cost around $35 and I find it very helpful (I carry a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders).

If you can afford a professional massage or chiropractic alignment, I say go for it! I think once a month or even weekly would be great (someday, when my cash flow is back, I'd like to get these regularly again).

If you have thoughts or suggestions, please leave a comment. This is called Morg. Joe...but it's not about's about everyone benefiting from shared knowledge. What is good for you may help out another.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Anger Hurts Us More Than Anyone

For myself, there was a great degree of anger when I first had the symptoms found in the Morgellons symptoms set. I was angry at my workplace (convinced I'd gotten parasites from the condemned school buildings or lack of cleaning), I was angry at the medical world...especially the medical practitioner I went to at first (who was annoyed that I kept coming back with new theories) and the dermatologist who laughed when he told me I had scabies (from his side of the room he said in his best twanglish, "There's a reason they call it the seven year itch" (Thanks, Mr. Professional!). So, I was angry at my surroundings, at the medical world (answers please!), and, honestly, at God (you know...I don't deserve this. Why me?...that kind of thing). Anyhow, my anger was minor to some of those who suffer.

Given what anyone with these symptoms goes through, I understand the anger. It is a very difficult, cruel, and frustrating condition! I do believe answers are coming...but it is difficult to have to continue to wait on the medical world (I know there are many good medical folk out there working on this...but the medical world, in general, still grasps thoughts of delusion and other falsehoods. It's time for a paradigm shift!).

One of the pieces of wisdom I've learned as a school teacher is anger is a form of defeat. I'd see some of the "old school" teachers on the reservation where I taught get angry, red faced and loud. Once you set that tone, the kids learn your buttons. From then on, they have the reins....and they are immune to your yelling. Teaching will happen...but (my opinion) it is minimally effective. These teachers tend to be the ones sitting at their desk and saying repeatedly, "Get to work". It's kinda sad.

Anger does seem to have an instantaneous gratification effect. Usually though, when I get good and angry without thinking it through...I find I regret it.

I like to use my anger in working out. I find I'm always in better shape and mind after a jog or long walk. Often I think things through and find a constructive means to express myself. It helps. Use your anger wisely and it may be a benefit.

Anger has a negative effect on our health. I know, as someone following the 12 Steps program, when I "make amends" it is much more for me than anyone else. "Forgive and you will be forgiven"...this I do believe. It may help to put your thoughts down on paper, talk to a friend, or whatever helps.

Focus on your health. If something/someone makes you angry, depressed or negative, it is best avoided. Part of getting over this condition is facing your demons high and low. And an attitude of gratitude doesn't hurt.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Help Yourself to Medical Research!

In a recent Mr. Commonsense blog entry, mention of thyroid and iodine level issues prompted me to take a trip to my new favorite medical research source-, my favorite medical research center open to the public is the Wellcome Center in London...but I can't always hop on a plane and head for merry olde England). I did a search of "thyroid and mercury"; there were 136 results (some of these are really interesting!). The entire search and scan of contents took me under a minute. The cost was free...and I found many studies out there connecting thyroid issues to mercury. Cool,eh!

If you do a search on Morgellons, you will be disappointed. Today, I found 21 results. One new piece that caught my attention was the article titled "Intraoral Morgellons Disease or Delutional Parasitosis" by A.J. Dovigi from the Midwestern School of Dental Medicine (my spider senses are tingling...or maybe it's just my feet?).

Anyhow, it pays to be educated. is a reliable source for possible cause and cure of symptoms (at least it will give you something to talk with your doctor about). I'd suggest you take the time to do some searches under crawling sensations, fibers, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, and any other symptom you may be having. I've done some searches combining the symptoms I experienced and mercury; this is how I found mention of "scabies" as a symptom of extensive use of skin whitening creams (containing high levels of mercury).

If you find any interesting connections, be willing to share. We all benefit from it and all it cost is your time.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Do- It- Yourself Lymphatic Drainage

A key piece of cleaning out our bodies is getting lymphatic drainage. I included this as part of my protocol for cleansing from the beginning. I had a massage therapist not to far from my apartment in Scottsdale, so, at first, it was easy to get this done weekly.

When I moved to a remote setting for work, I found the nearest massage therapist, who knew how to do lymphatic drainage, was a two hour drive away. I asked her about self-drainage and she thought it was a good idea. If you can't get or afford a professional, you may want to take this do-it-yourself approach (and I'm hoping I can describe it correctly).

These directions are as I understand them. If you find a massage therapist in your area, it may be best to ask them. Anyhow, I'll try to share what I know.

For toxins in the lymph node to be expelled from the body, they must be guided towards the area above the heart or somewhere right around your belly button. I do this drainage while I'm in the sauna (clothing isn't an issue). I start by pulling from my mandible down the face...further down the the heart area (I do this 20+ times). The massage is gentle. The lymphatic system is just below the skin, so no need to attempt deep tissue. Next, I pull or slide down my arms, across my armpit, and again towards the heart (20+ times).

The lower part of my body is done similarly (though I pull or slide towards the belly button). First, I go up and down each side following the ribs towards the belly button (20+ times for each area). I do this to the left and right. Next I start down on my thigh go up through the groin and again pull towards the belly button area. The entire process takes 5-10 minutes. I suppose I could do more, but I think it is effective as is.

I hope this is helpful. I can have difficulty in trying to give directions (never ask me how to get from point A to point B). Make use of it if you like. I'm certain it could be improved on. I think to start you might try to do this every other day. I really don't know how to document the impact, but it should help in the detoxing. Good luck!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Twitching Feet

The base of my feet twitch on occasion. It happens primarily after a long walk and the end of the day when the temperatures are dropping. It is the most visible remaining Morgellons related symptom (I believe) I continue to have.

The physical sensations I had as documented in my account "Hell and Back Again" (found in Dec. issue of Explore 2008)felt like bugs crawling under or on my skin. This reduced, numbed and disappeared for approximately six months. As I continued to detox eventually I started to get twitching on occasion (at base of feet and spot on scalp that correlates with lowest scalp area when sleeping). It's not bad. I think it relates to nerve repairs.

The location at base of feet is significant. This is the area furthest out in terms of the nervous system. Mercury is extremely dense...making me think it would pool in the lowest points.

Note: While I've have some pretty active twitching lately, for some reason every time I tried to record it over the past week it was active...but not hugely.The twitching on this little video occurs on the side of foot (near the middle of picture) and not the base. Still, my foot video documents some.

Thanks for looking- Joe

p.s. Don't expect clean.

Say It Loud and Proud- Morgellons!

Last year my house was featured in Natural Homes Magazine's column "Can You Green This?"(see My primary reason for taking a green approach in remodeling/ clean-up was to remove toxins. The article outlines what I planned to do. I followed through on my plans and over last fall cleaned up the place, insulated, rewired, and had the foundation repaired. Jessica, NHM editor, liked that I'd jumped on the projects,kept track of cost and wrote about my experience; she suggested a follow-up article. Tomorrow a professional photographer comes to record my humble abode.

What's this got to do with Morgellons? Hold on. A couple days back I had a long telephone conversation with Susan, NHM writer, and we talked extensively about my home and why I did what I did. Of course, she was noting everything.

"What was the medical reasons for cleaning up the place?" she asked.

"I had a condition called Morgellons."


"Google it. It's pretty controversial." I could hear her fingers tapping on the keyboard and typing up my words.

She asked a good deal about the changes I'd noticed since I cleaned out toxins. Always the scientist, I let her know I couldn't quantify the effects (though I suspect there are ways to do this). I told her my mom had visited and said she could breathe better in my house and didn't wake up feeling "stuffed-up". Pretty anecdotal, but it's what I shared.

Later in the day, I emailed some thoughts on the article to Susan. I told her making an effort to get rid of toxins brought me a kind of peace. Peace is good for this condition (see yesterday's blog).

She has asked me several time, "Is there anything else I should include?". Thoughts. Reasons. Inspiration. I want her to mention Morgellons. In an internationally distributed magazine, chances are it will have impact. The less this condition is hidden, the less chomp it has. In fact I'm taking the approach of saying it loud and proud- Morgellons!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sacred Space

In the very back of my yard, beyond the half-finished storage shed and hammock, is my sacred space. A labyrinth. It is simple made from bricks a friend gave me. It makes me think of Ireland and my Celtic heritage. It makes me feel connected. It is sacred space.

In my recovery from Morgellons symptoms faith and quiet-mindedness were more important than any protocol. My path was and is spiritual (Morgellons just a challenging hurdle to help me I've said before).

Physiologically, quieting the mind reduces the symptoms. My symptoms could be triggered by thinking about them (especially when I mentally scanned my body for them). I think in scanning subtle changes in body temperature occurred as blood flowed to those areas. Mercury expands and contrast according to temperature and slight change could start symptoms (crawling sensations). Anyhow, this scanning-temperature change-mercury movement-symptom's relationship makes sense to me as I look back. What matters here isn't the why but knowing quieting the mind quiets the symptoms. That's all.

A sacred space could be as simple as a pillow in the corner of a room, a warm rock to sit on under a tree, or just a quiet sit in a comfortable chair. Remind yourself of the words in the poem Desiderata, "You are a child of this Universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the Universe is unfolding as it should".

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What the Dog Whisperer Taught Me

A couple days back I was visiting my Uncle John. He asked if I'd take his dog for a walk. As I was pulled along the country road by the beast, I was reminded of some simple advice given by Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer. Primary to caring for a dog focus on these three areas in this order: 1) exercise, 2)discipline, and 3) affection.

I used Millan's approach in the past to teach parenting style (I know, as I don't have any kids, I hardly qualify to teach parenting...but it was part of my job as an Adult Education Teacher). Parents were not entirely receptive toward my comparing bringing up kids with training a dog. Think about it without exercise tend to have discipline problems. When a parent overshadows with affection the kids is often labeled spoiled. Anyhow, I think it applies.

Then I thought about these three areas with application to detoxifying.

I try to exercise every day. I usually jog for an hour or more and walk at least an hour each day. In the winter months, I bounce on my mini-trampoline. I try to get my exercise out of the way at the beginning of the day (burns more fat...and takes it off my mind for the rest of the day).

Discipline tends to go along with exercise. It also goes with diet. In the past, I have created a list of "What I want to do more" and "What I want to do less". Do more included exercise and eating better (vegetables and fruit). Do less included: cookies, ice cream, bad thinking (I'm bored or life isn't know those kind of thoughts)and chips (and the list goes on). I kept a weekly count of when I was doing what I wanted to and when I did what I didn't want to. I "paid" myself a dollar for each time I did what I should and "lost" a dollar each time I did something I didn't want to. On Friday, I would see how much I'd earned (usually 20-30 dollars); this was my money for going to the movies or out to dinner or whatever. It helped me become more aware of my habits and better disciplined.

Affection is something we all need. I guess we shouldn't limit it. But I'm certain exercise and discipline are themselves a kind of affection. It tends to be what we crave the most. Everybody needs to know they are loved. Without affection, we cannot survive.

Exercise, discipline, and affection can help in the detox approach. Whatever your protocol, follow the dog whisperer's advice and try to stay out of the dog house.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Worse Before it Gets Better

If you follow my speculation (I think you could replace speculation with "pattern recognition") that Morgellons symptoms are connected to mercury as a neurotoxin, then what I have to say about healing and symptoms should make sense. I wish I didn't have to say it, but the symptoms may get worse before they get better.

Mercury in the body can be categories as primary sources and secondary sources. The primary sources in my case were the nine amalgam fillings in my mouth. In removing and replacing fillings, there may be an increase in secondary deposits (in other words carriage of mercury beyond the blood/brain barrier). In my case, I was symptoms did not seem to get worse. I do know I've seen blog entries related to sufferers getting fillings removed and having the crawling sensations get much worse; this makes sense to me as I think (at least in these cases) the secondary levels were increased resulting in increased symptoms. My recommendation is if you are going to have your dental work removed and replaced, get the best biologic dentist you can find! It may cost more, but you're worth it!

If you are a sufferer and find your symptoms to get worse, it may be a good sign. I would, at least, understand it is probably indicative of toxins (mercury) being on the move. Keep some quiet time for yourself daily. It will help greatly to replace all fear of bugs with "just symptoms" thoughts.

I'm happy to have one follower presently. My hope is to double this weekly from this week forward. The tsunami is a little ways off yet.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What's Religion and Politics got to do with Morgellons?

I think the answer is everything and nothing. I don't want to sound wishy-washy. I'm not a fence sitter.

I see religion and spirituality as two different realms with overlap. Spirituality as a necessary part of us needing to heal. I've already posted my thoughts on the importance of spirituality.

I think different religions and beliefs are right for different people. In the realm of Morgellons symptoms, every religion and belief system has sufferers. The patterns of Morgellons distribution may be effected by access to computers and the internet. Globally, I suspect there are many sufferers of these symptoms...especially in Africa and Arabic speaking countries who are suffering greatly (I have seen several large scale studies on the effects of mercurial skin whitening creams make mention of "scabies" as a symptom of prolonged use). I guess my point is Muslims and others in Africa, The Middle East, The Persian Gulf and other areas throughout the world may be suffering in silence.

Toxins do not choose their victims based on political affiliation. We all suffer. My sense is politics does have an abnormal association with the medical world. We have to move beyond the politics and focus on cleaning up our bodies and our world.

For sufferers or former sufferers (like myself)we need to put aside our desires of everyone to be/think just like me. Priority #1 is getting well...the politics and religious zealous can wait!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Protocols- Enough to Make Your Head Spin!

Okay...before I begin listing what my current protocol is I need to make some clarifications. First, I am not a medical professional (yes, it!). Second, I am finding my current protocol helpful...but I am not presenting it as what you, the sufferer, need to follow (in other words I'm not marketing). Third, I believe there are two major stages of recovery with separate overlapping protocols (detox first and then overlap with nerve repair protocol).

My original protocols were designed by medical professionals Dr. Omar Amin and Dr. Bruce Shelton. Honestly, when I started three years ago, the original protocols were complicated but helpful. I am uncertain whether Dr. Amin's protocol has changed, but I think Dr. Shelton's has improved (due in part to the influence of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and his work related to neurotoxins).

My current protocol falls into two major categories--detox and nerve repair. Related to detox I do the following: EDTA Chelation Mineral Replacer daily, Phospholipid Exchange (one tablespoon)+ OSR#1 every other day, chlorella (4 tablets after dinner) and 10 drops of organic cilantro at bedtime M-F. I discussed nerve repair with Dr. Shelton and he prescribed the following homeopathic remedies: Cerebromax and Spinalmax (Friday- Sunday), Detox (1, 2, and 3) as well as Matrix Support (Monday through Thursday). Of course, I also exercise, eat right, and keep a calm spirit throughout life's hurdles.

I am interested in hearing about protocols working for others. I know, when I was deep in my symptoms, I was extremely vulnerable. WATCH OUT FOR THE SNAKE OIL SALES PEOPLE! Be careful! Take your time, listen to your body, and think everything through before you send off any money. I have opinions on all that is out there...but I'm not a medical professional. Listen to the medical professionals who are truly having success with Morgellons patients. Cleaning out your system takes time. There are no magic cures. You need to clean out your system and repair it (my opinion). I do believe the path is becoming clearer and clearer. We can all get beyond these symptoms.

Send your thoughts.

Happy trails- Joe

Monday, June 7, 2010

Morgellons Spectrum

I believe the primary cause of Morgellons's symptoms is mercury as a neurotoxin. As the levels of mercury increases beyond the blood/brain barrier so too do the symptoms. When I consider my own case it is like an onion with layers (increase the layers and additional symptoms occur, decrease the layers and symptoms disappear).

I had many unexplained medical symptoms prior to the crawling sensations of Morgellons; these include panic attacks/ depression (these symptoms go hand in hand), racing/irregular heart beats, severe loss of energy (went from 20 miles+ of mountainous trail running to barely being able to walk a single mile), bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, "chronic prostatitis", E. D. (hope I don't have to spell it out). These symptoms started as early as 1988 (graduate school)and carry through the present. Since I had my dental work replaced and began chelation, most of these symptoms have not occurred (although I still have some degree of bloating). In short, I do feel there is a connection between past symptoms and issues of toxicity. The cleaner my body, the better I am.

I will mention having had five emergency room visits over the last six years. The symptoms for each were similar--I felt disoriented, had difficulty breathing, got irregular heart beats, and was certain I was about to die. I was told they were severe panic attacks. There was also something going on with my blood sugar levels. I haven't had anything like this in over a year and think they could relate to high levels of mercury in the air from the power plants in the Four Corners (I do not live there any more because of these).

I have to mention in my many years of suffering from this mix of various symptoms no medical professional ever made mention of them possibly related to mercury poisoning. The medical world needs to better understand mercury's effects!

So, if my case is typical of the effects of increased mercury levels, then Morgellons as a condition related to mercury levels is occurring in a spectrum. The reason documented cases do not appear the same is due to 1) levels of toxin, and 2) individual reaction to toxin.

If this spectrum is proven true, consider the drugs being given to cover up or manage symptoms. The drug industry makes more money if we stay sick.

While I am concerned about those suffering, I think the unborn may be the "canaries in the coal mine" as mercury is passed from mother to child at ten times the rate! It is awful to think about. Again, the drug industry profits by children being born with autism, ADD and ADHD.

The hope I give in this entry is that we can see the patterns and understand the implication. Removing primary toxins (dental and etc.) along with aggressive detoxing can lead to elimination of symptoms. Clean up our bodies,our families, our towns, our countries... then we can clean up the world.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Exercise Before Eight

Let's talk a little about body fat. Fat is used by the body to insulate toxins. Losing fat will help in eliminating toxins. Your body burns 300% more fat in the early morning than the rest of the day. You can guess where this is heading.

Early morning exercise with an hour wait before eating is a great way to melt away the pounds. Exercise doesn't have to be grueling. I find the more I enjoy it, the more I'm likely to keep with it. I'm lucky to have found a footpath through the woods right near my home.

Here's how my morning looks:
5:30am or close to it- I get up, put my sweats on, stretch and go for a morning jog. I have a background in running (ran cross country in college and coached several X-C teams in the past). Still, I haven't ran regularly in about five years. It is still slow going, but I like that I'm keeping with it. Speed will come with time.
7:00am- I jump in a quick cold shower and go in my sauna for 30 minutes. While in the sauna I do lymphatic drainage, neck twist and other motions to loosen things up. Once I finish my sit, I hit the auto on my coffee maker and jump back in the shower.
8:00am- I'm dressed, drinking coffee and eating breakfast. As I do oral chelation every other day, I may take the time to attempt to mix it with my juice (it does mix very well...but I don't mind the taste). I also drink lots of water!

Anyhow, that's how my morning looks. I like getting exercise done with and out of the way before my day starts. I recommend those detoxing do the same (if running isn't what you are into, try something else. Even an early morning walk can make a difference). You know yourself. Do what works for you! Just keep in mind exercise is good for the mind, body and spirit. It also will help get toxins out!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Detox- The No or Little Cost Start

I have done a great deal to clean my body out of toxins. If you've read my account of symptoms and recovery, you know I took drastic and expensive measures to clean out my body (removal/replacement of dental materials and chelation being the primary costs); these I will get to. Today though, I want to try to give sufferers a start that will cost little or nothing; the focus is attitude, exercise, and intake.

The first step to my recover was to change my perspective (and believe me it was hard!). Instead of saying "bugs, bugs, bugs!" when the crawling came...I started to say "symptoms, symptoms, symptoms"! Being terrified of bugs crawling on or under my skin seemed to cause the symptoms to get worse. I started to make note of when the symptoms would start up (towards evening, changes in temperature, and thinking/scanning my body for crawling). The more I told myself, "These are only symptoms", the better I felt and the less the symptoms occurred (of course, the dental detox as documented made symptoms lesson...and eventually subside. I do still get twitching, which is nothing like the crawling, at the base of my feet after long hikes or other physical activities).

Exercise was essential even when I was deep in symptoms (every day I went walking and found it helpful). Exercise like walking, yoga and stretching can be combined with prayer and meditation. Work up to cardiovascular workouts (I run now...but started by bouncing on a mini-trampoline). Experiment with exercise. You may be surprised by discovering a new passion (such as my mid-life discovery of rock climbing).

A key piece to detoxing is to not put toxins in your system to begin with. I think of my body as a sack of mostly water; I need to take out toxins and keep toxins from going in. I do my best to eat organic. I also try to take in high amounts of greens. I avoid anything with heavy metal content (such as tortillas...some have aluminum. I now read every label). Air quality and water quality need to also be considered. Filters for drinking and showering water are necessary (and worth every penny). Air quality needs to also be considered (I recently moved from a location near power plants that were polluting with mercury among other things (as I believe in a mercury connection, I decided my life depended on cleaner air)); hopefully, you are not in a situation where you are regularly exposed to toxins.

This start should cost little to nothing, but will make a difference. As stated, I do believe any approach should be done with a trusted medical professional.