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I am creating this at the new coffee shop in town. The owner and I just talked about a concept we're calling a "bright ripple". The bright ripple starts with one, builds to two, and keeps growing. It's positive action growing exponentially until it creates a tsunami of bright beauty and chases off the dark. Everyone get your boards and surf the ripple!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Screaming Without a Sound

The Dream- I am in a crowd, at a ball or some fantastic party where everyone is laughing, dancing and lifting a glass to life. I’m in the center of the action. It is a fantastic place!

Somehow, someway, I spot a bomb hidden under a table, a meteorite dropping from the sky straight for our heads, or some other impending doom. I scream! I have no voice. I scream again until red in the face and veins pop. No one hears. The band keeps playing. The couples dance and laugh. I have no voice. I am not heard. I surrender and awake panting with the chilling unsettled acceptance of reality.

The Reality- I am the first person to document recovery from Morgellons Disease. When the symptoms first started, I had not heard about Morgellons (I was directed to information by a scabies cleaning product representative). I researched all I could about Morgellons Disease; there wasn’t much. I found an article by Dr. Omar Amin, a parasitologist, relating symptoms to dental adhesive; it was a miracle.

I did recover. It was something worth sharing. I sent my write-up to Dr. Omar Amin, so he could share it with others; he returned my email a month later with the news the editor of Explore! medical journal was interested in publishing my account ( .

While editing my account for Explore!, I decided to see what else was written about Morgellons Disease. I found Kellett’s 1935 article “Sir Thomas Browne and The Morgellons” ( and in reading and rereading I noted patterns in descriptions by medical professionals of long ago. I decided it was worth investigating further. I felt I had no choice but to define the common ground between my symptoms and the symptoms documented in the Languedoc Provenance of France from 1550- 1776 and later in Victorian London. The accounts in France made no mention of possible cause, but the accounts in Victorian London stated a clear association with hat bands.

How could hat bands connect to my recovery by the removal and replacement of my amalgam fillings? Duhh! Mercury!

Once summer break arrived, I drove to Sandy, Utah, left my pick-up truck at my brother Chris’s place and caught a flight to London. I decided to look for the “smoking gun” connecting mercury to Morgellons Disease. I had little plans except to get to the hostel at Holland Park and see if I might see a Shakespeare play at The Globe (I actually got to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream via a half-price ticket on my first night in Merry Olde London!)

Without giving a long-winded account of my travel and research adventures from the summer of ’08, I will simply provide a link to the final published findings -(  I do believe with further investigation, the account in Languedoc will clearly connect to mercury exposure through the use of dyes containing cinnabar (this area of France was known for drapery production during the timeframe of documented Morgellons Disease symptoms.) With time, money, and support, I’d be willing to head such a project.

Back to the scream, I’ve published other pieces related to Morgellons Disease (see “Morgellons Research” on my website: ), I’ve blogged about the relationship to toxicity (see and I’ve communicated endlessly about it with sufferers and professionals on and off line.


I’ve been screaming on and off for well over six years. The Holman Foundation researchers have shown a credible connection to borrelia which is used to diagnose Lyme disease (see- ); what they haven’t bothered to present is lyme disease and mercury poisoning are often misdiagnosed one for the other as well as the fact that mercury and borrelia occupy the same pockets of the body (guess what? Borrelia love mercury. See-  Who’da thunk!)

Have I done enough screaming for today? Probably not. Let me know if you've heard my scream.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Morgellons Related Book- Follow Up

It's a "no go" on the Morgellons related book.

I had only one very enthusiastic response and that was it. I'm guessing it just isn't the right time.

Given my current life of a highly demanding teaching position along with over-seeing the repairs of my fixer-upper, I don't actually have the time right now. I do think all of the time and effort I've put toward the cause of better understanding Morgellons has been worthwhile. As always, if new ground-breaking research on Morgellons is released, I will certainly keep you posted.

For now- signing out- Joe

p.s. If you haven't read my Merworld Fantasy, Beul Nam Beinn, I dedicated it to Morgellons Sufferers Everywhere. It was my favorite writing project so far and it had been getting excellent reviews! You can find it through Amazon or my main website: . Thanks!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Should I Write a Book on Morgellons Disease or Not?

A little over a year ago I was prompted by a friend to start writing a nonfiction piece on Morgellons Disease. I outlined a book which I estimated would be between 125 and 200 pages in length. It would define Morgellons, present theories on cause and explore peer-reviewed research. I also planned on including stories of recovery, suffering and a chapter with entries by medical professionals titled “Thoughts on Morgellons”.

Fast forward ahead six months, I’d found a full-time teaching position and decided I needed to somehow find the means to get to Austin for the Holman Foundation’s Annual meeting (and make my trip worthwhile by arranging some interviews for my book while there). I worked extended days and over the weekends to accumulate enough comp time to get some days off. I saved money and cut costs enough to buy a flight ticket, pay the meeting fee and reserve a bed at a hostel. I was confident I would be able to have some finality and free myself from ever thinking about Morgellons again- for good!

I expected the meeting to motivate me further towards finishing the book. Instead it had the opposite effect. I felt shunned and belittled. While the foundation welcomed my participation fee, the “experts” appeared to rush down the hall in the opposite direction when I approached (a couple did give me a minute or two).  I felt my time, energy and money had been wasted; it sent me in a swirl mentally and I have hardly picked up my pencil since.

So here I am now. I have a new home and another teaching position. Returning to elementary teaching is truly a whole new challenge (I’ve been working nearly as many unpaid as paid hours). I feel pretty content though and have started to pick up my pencil again. My words are still less-than-smooth. My thoughts continue to be fairly scattered. Still, I am here to ask a question- Should I write a book on Morgellons Disease or not?

I need some motivation. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time (including my own). I have dedicated many hours and much money toward writing and publishing on the topic of Morgellons. Let me know your thoughts.

Joe Keleher (AKA Morgellons Joe)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Healing From Morgellons- My Present Take

I’ve been getting a number of sufferers asking how to get started and what to do to get on the path of recovery. There are plenty of possibilities. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the various protocols out there. The list I provide below is another. Since you’ve found your way to this blog, you’ve likely heard my theory on cause of symptoms (mercury in part or in whole) and my take on common ground of those recovering (a Toxins Out, Nutrients In approach). Here’s my list:
1)      Forgive/Love Yourself- I know this is easier said than done. Emotional luggage takes us places we do not need to continually revisit…and it adversely changes biochemistry. We need to take this beast by the throat, throttle it and throw it over the cliff! Just say NO to negative thinking!
2)      Eat Right- Eat organic raw and wholesome foods. High amounts of greens do the body good. Juicing is an excellent way to increase the nutrients getting to us at the cellular level (I started with a $5 thrift store juicer. Get to your local farmers market and ask for reduced/ dented/ ugly vegetables and fruit at reduced price. Juicing doesn’t need to be expensive).
3)      Supplement Detoxing- While there are plenty of supplements out there, I am currently taking only a handful. I have been trying my best to reclaim my endocrine/ hormonal system, in part, by taking iodine (thyroid) and a testosterone booster. I am also taking Readysorb, a glutathione supplement, to increase the exit of mercury. I take chlorella at each meal- ten tablets per meal (Dr. Chris Shade recommends 50- 70 tablets per day) to pull inorganic mercury out of the lower intestines and colon. A high quality daily mineral/ vitamin is important.
4)      Exercise- Exercise can take many forms. The important key concepts for it to be successful are to: A) Be consistent and B) Do not overdo it. Overshadowing these concepts is to focus on making it fun! If you don’t enjoy it, you are not likely to make it part of your daily routine. There are a million and one ways to exercise- find what works for you!
5)      Daily Quiet Time- Make time to relax, meditate, pray, do yoga, walk in nature, or just swing in a hammock. Your system needs to have these breaks. Turn off the TV, turn on the silence. This will benefit you greatly! Again, it has much to do with biochemistry.
6)      Work Toward Happiness- I recently watched a TED talk where the speaker (sorry… I can’t remember her name) studied happiness and concluded happy people do three things- have an attitude of gratitude, avoid being perfectionist, and love fully without concern of potentially being hurt. I’ve been giving it a try and finding it very useful!
7)      Share- Keep a journal of your recovery. Let other know what you’ve gone through and what you find helpful. Start your own blog (why not!?). Begin a TONI (Toxins Out, Nutrients In) group for your community. Do presentations and be brave with sharing. The time for silence is over! Speak up and be heard!

I hope this is helpful. I’m not a medical pro and don’t have plans to ever be one. If you are a medical pro and understand Morgellons, PLEASE SPEAK UP! The general public, sufferers, and other medical pros needs to hear from you. Help the healing happen instead of floating along allowing the delusion of this condition being delusional continue.

I, like many of those volunteering time toward helping sufferers, have not been talking much lately; we’re all feeling a little burnt out. Forgive me for not be more regular in my communications and understand I’m doing the best I can. We all want to see EVERYONE recover! You are NOT ALONE! Peace, Joe

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Top Ten Reasons Sufferers are Tired of Morgellons

10) 85% of Medical Professionals call it delusional  (though clinical studies have shown patients to have high resting heart rate, low body temperature, high miscarriage rate, skin lesions, fibers under skin, neurological symptoms, and numerous other common symptoms)
 9) The History Channel is trying to convince everyone Morgellons is caused by alien bacteria (more history, less ‘gater hunting. Thanks!)
8) Fibers don’t always match what they’re wearing
7) 85% of Medical Professionals might believe in Bigfoot
6) Even if recovered from the symptoms, people still think they’re bonkers
5) People keep trying to change the name Morgellons Disease to something else
4) They know “delusional” is worse than a four letter word
3) Kids keep asking if they can take them for Show and Tell
2) Can’t convince Joni Mitchell to talk to their doctor
And the number one reason is:

1) Playing doctor isn’t as much fun as it used to be

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mixed Feelings on the Morgellons Conference of 2013

It's 8:20 pm and I'm at the International Hostel in Austin, Texas. The sun has just set and I'm looking out the window at lights reflecting off the waters of Lady Bird Lake. I'm tired, sweaty and just a little numb.

I had high hopes of sitting down with other researchers and talking about how mercury may connect to these symptoms. I really did. I even wrote down and submitted an index card with the question of "What is the current understanding of the relationship between borrelia and mercury?" for the experts to answer during a question/answer session. The question was not shared. It is possible the question was lost. It is also possible it was intentionally discarded. I do not know. There was an end-of-session frantic asking of "Any other questions?" and I kept silent. I guess I felt rejected. It's okay I told myself I'll get over it.

The conference was over and there were a few stragglers including myself. One of the speakers, Amelia Withington, MD, had asked to borrow my printed copy of "Hell and Back Again" (my account of recovery published just over five years ago in Explore! medical journal). She beckoned me over to talk with a woman with lesions along her jaws.

Lesions correlated with the woman's mercury fillings and her gums had the tell-tale black-blue line of mercury poisoning.  I felt good about sharing my understanding of this condition and hope this sufferer will recovery completely. If I've been able to help even one person, my trip is very much worthwhile.

I spoke with one other sufferer with similar symptoms associated with dental work and noted one of the presenters (also suffering from Morgellons) appeared to have "Dansberry Shakes" (a term describing the shakes and walk of mercury poisoned hat makers of long ago in Dansberry, Connecticut. Certainly, the description of neurological disorders associated with Morgellons spectrum symptoms goes back to the earliest documentation of these symptoms). My opinion of an association with mercury hasn't many ways it has been reinforced.

I guess I'll leave it at that. I am hoping some of the Holman Foundation folks will make an effort to connect with me. Most importantly though, I hope those suffering will find their way to health. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Cure?

As I sit here thinking of the words to say, I find myself hesitant. In my years of talking about and thinking about Morgellons, I am reluctant to use the word cure and also to find myself promoting a product. Still, I find myself scanning all I know personally and as a researcher about this condition...and this cure makes sense!

The product is called Readysorb. It is a chelator as well as a glutathione booster. I have been taking it for a week and am amazed by the outcome. My energy levels, sleep patterns, thinking and overall feeling of "well being" are better than ever! A bottle cost around $60 from . Related peer reviewed research is found at . To order, you'll need to give a recommending doctor's name (as your trusted professional).

If you take this course of action, I am truly wanting to hear about your experience. It is very powerful stuff! Happy Healing! Joe 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Toxins Out, Nutrients In- That About Covers It!

The TONI group I have started at the Cortez, CO Recreation Center is taking off! The number attending more than quadrupled from the first meeting to the last! The participants actively share in communicating on health related topics. It is very exciting to see people taking charge of their health! If you should find yourself in Cortez, CO on the first Friday of the month, we meet from 5-6 pm in the Mesa Room at the Cortez Recreation Center. Join us!

The last meeting was directed towards heavy metal toxicity and related symptoms. The next meeting will focus on safe detoxification. Other topics have been suggested and I'm looking forward to seeing the group grow.

If you have an interest in starting a similar group, have at it! The more I listen, the more I learn...and, hey, isn't that what life is all about? I am happy to share on how I got started.  Free free to contact me through my website The "Grassroots" approach may be the most productive. The world needs to know what you have to share! (apologies for all of the apostrophes!)