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I am creating this at the new coffee shop in town. The owner and I just talked about a concept we're calling a "bright ripple". The bright ripple starts with one, builds to two, and keeps growing. It's positive action growing exponentially until it creates a tsunami of bright beauty and chases off the dark. Everyone get your boards and surf the ripple!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Reclaiming Your Internal Environment- Part 1

As I sit and think about the steps one could take in reclaiming their internal environment, many avenues come to mind. I suspect some ways are better than others depending on our individuality and specific toxicity issues. Baseline testing through various companies could be an effective way of measuring progress, though I know financing such a venture may be less than ideal for those on a tight budget.Keeping blanket goals for anyone seeking a cleaner internal environment, budgetary concerns and approaches I found to have "the most bang for the money", I will present six parts on the reclaiming process. My suggestions are by no means all inclusive and are certainly open to improvements; still here's the break down in topics for my sharing.

Part 1- Introduction
Part 2- Opening Detox Channels
Part 3- Your Home
Part 4- Specifics Related to Dental Toxicity
Part 5- New Habits to Build into Healthier Living
Part 6- The Progress, Challenges and Stumbles

As always, I suggest those suffering from toxicity (and let's face it...who isn't)bring a medical professional into the picture to share before implementing any health related plans. Your suggestions are very welcome at any point along the way. Let's hope for happy trails, Joe

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Treatment of Morgellons Sufferers

I have been writing an essay on the treatment of Morgellons sufferers. It has not been an easy subject to approach. In an article titled "Delusional Infestation", Freudenmann and Lepping give step by step suggestions for handling those dealing with these symptoms (found at: ). It is easy to get angry at their suggestions and judgmental wording...instead I hope to design a better approach. One piece I am suggesting is a questionnaire. I put it below for review and suggestions. I want it to be a means for positive progress (both for the patient and the medical professional). Thanks for any input! Joe

Morgellons Suggested Questionnaire
Name _______________________ Date ______________
List all symptoms experienced (expand on back if necessary)- ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
When did symptoms begin? ___________________________________________
What time of day and what setting do symptoms regularly occur? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Describe progression of symptoms. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Location of crawling sensations include: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
What are patterns related to crawling sensations? Do they always start in one location? Are they worse in certain areas? Do they seem to spread across certain areas? Please describe: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Please describe life history of health. Note any times you have been in the emergency room and any diagnoses. Give approximate age, date or distance into past (ex. 3 years ago, etc.). ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Locate any skin lesions on body (chart on drawing)

Give any more information you feel needs documentation. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wilson's Syndrome

I had planned on beginning a series titled "Reclaiming Your Internal Environment". but have something else to share first. I have figured out what I have been suffering from for 5 months. The symptoms fit and the self testing justifies the diagnosis, I have a condition called Wilson's Syndrome and it relates to the thyroid.

My symptoms were extensive but primarily include: exhaustion, racing heart, spaciness (brain fog), loss of memory, lack of concentration, tingling in limbs, and an overall feeling of just not being well. There are other symptoms but those are the major. Several days ago, an internet search brought up thyroid problems as a possible cause. I search through some medical books at my mother's place and look up hypothyroidism. At the end of the entry all my symptoms were listed...along with a self-test. The test is simple. You take your temperature three times each day (for women do not test near your effects results) for several days (3 to 5). Average each day and then average your overall temperature. If your body temp averages below F 97.8, you have Wilson's Syndrome.

I mentioned this to Trisha Springstead, RN and Morgellons hero (she has helped a ton of people), she said she thought the overall condition related to the endocrine system. I think she is right.

I highly recommend doing a self test for this Syndrome. I suspect it somehow relates to Morgellons. It is not a condition you want to have for an extended period undiagnosed. You can also find much information at: .

I am very happy to have figured this out. I have been to a total of four doctors here in the US...none of them even mentioned the possibility of my suffering connecting to the thyroid. It amazes me what we have to figure out for ourselves. Morgies, please let me know if you find Wilson's Syndrome is part of your health issues...the more we figure out the patterns, the more we help our tribe.