Some peace while putting the pieces together

I am creating this at the new coffee shop in town. The owner and I just talked about a concept we're calling a "bright ripple". The bright ripple starts with one, builds to two, and keeps growing. It's positive action growing exponentially until it creates a tsunami of bright beauty and chases off the dark. Everyone get your boards and surf the ripple!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Radio Show with Pam Crane

I don't know if I posted this, but thought I should. This radio show originally aired in the spring. I thought some might like to listen. I was really nervous for several reasons. Here it is:

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Get the Metal Out!

It's a landmark week. My theory related to Morgellons Disease is now in print (Explore! 20.5) for which I give much thanks to Crystyne Jackson, Explore! editor, for ongoing support and motivation (keep on rockin' the medical world!) I'm soon to end my over half year+ of couch surfing as I'll be moving back into my home in Wellsboro. And, finally, what you might be most interested in, I'm taking more steps towards cleaning the heavy metals out of my system.

I picked up an internet order of glutathione from one of my sister's homes (remember I currently do not have a real address); this was motivation by recent dialog on this blog and understanding glutathione binds with mercury to pull it out of your system. In discussing this with a health store pro, I was told Alpha Lipoic Acid would have the same effect at a lower cost (ALA promotes our own system (liver I think) to create its own glutathione). I'll use glutathione initially with the plan to shift towards ALA.

I have just over one month until I can move back into my shack, so I will be house sitting for friends starting next week. I plan to do a week long lemonade fast (I've done this twice before) along with colon cleanse. The Tao of Detox mentions the importance of a clean colon for any detox work to be effective. I hope to also get some algin as it is known to assist in pulling metals from the digestive track and begin this along with the fast.

After the fast and re occupancy of home, I will use my infra red sauna with sulfur soap daily along with cilantro tea (not the best taste but is said to help pull mercury and improve memory). I'll continue my daily walks (minimal one hour) and build my yoga routine. I may also start doing some wood runs again. Key is getting my health and energy back to where it should be.

With summer over and fall here, it feels right to pursue happier and healthier. It makes sense to get the metal out! Happy trails, Joe

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Book Worth Reading and Normal Communication in the Age of the Internet

You know I'm big on communication. I believe in the power of words whether they are said or written. Words are powerful and I suspect they were even from the first "Ug" or "Auua". I also solidly believe actions speak louder than words. So, words are powerful but actions are even more powerful.

I've already recommended Daniel Reid's book The Tao of Detox. I'd like to step it up a notch and say it should be required reading for anyone suffering from issues of toxicity. Form beginning to end the book provides the reader with clear guidance on how to tackle body maintenance in a world becoming overwhelmed with toxins. I've already handed my copy off to my massage therapist sister.

I mentioned my earlier recommendation by emailing the author and was impressed with his quick and Morgellons's specific recommendation of intensive alkalinization by bath. Here's a well published author and expert on the delicate balance between Eastern and Western medical thought taking the time to send an email off in my direction. It is obvious he cares. I wish there were more people with such credentials openly communicating with our crowd!

And, speaking of our crowd, I did make some effort to communicate with the CDC on their recent twitter session. I was hoping to see other Morgellon related tweets, but didn't. Am I trying to put a guilt trip on the Morgellons's community? I hope it doesn't come off that way. The real culprit of not making communication efforts is the CDC itself. I was pretty much ignored and given the brush off. When there are so many suffering and waiting on the results of such an important piece of research, how can this government agency refuse to openly communicate? Action or, in this case, inaction speaks loudly; to them we are not important.

I know there are real challenges in communicating online. I've tried my best to make my words worth reading. I try to keep my audience in mind at all times. Maybe, just maybe, we (the CDC, MRF, Morgellons researcher, Morgellons medical personal, and sufferers)should all take a deep breath and say what needs to be said...maybe online or maybe in person. Let's see if we can make communication normal. Let's see if we can end the suffering.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Knocking on the CDCs Door

Here's hoping the link below works(special efforts of Mr. Commonsense- cut and paste may work best). The CDC will be having another twitter session on Monday at 2pm Eastern time. I'm hoping a bunch of us can make attempts to get the when and where for the release of their Morgellons study. Be there if you can! Thanks, Joe

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Twitter CDC?

I've posted this message on Mr. Commonsense's Blog as well-

I’ve just signed up for twitter and, honestly, I’m still trying to figure it all out. I am following the CDC though and thought people might want to send messages asking when and where the CDCs report on Morgellons will be released. I’ve sent a couple already and wonder if they will respond….maybe numbers could force the issue? Since they are having a live session tomorrow with a “disease detective”, I feel it is a good time to ask.

Their message:
Wondering how CDC stops outbreaks? Ask a disease detective. Live chat 9/16, 2pm EDT. Send your questions @CDCgov.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Downtown NYC

On Friday my friend Liz and I visited Lower Manhattan and the Twin Tower area. We talked about where we were 10 years ago. I was at a conference in Albuquerque. She was in NYC relaying information to her coworkers in New Hampshire of what was happening.

Terrorism is ill defined and feels so clouded by politics. To me terrorism is the desire to build fear. I hope we can move as creations of God towards the opposite...towards love, peace, freedom and creativity. Peace, Joe

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Two Weeks of Cat Sitting or Health in the City

Two weeks ago I was staying with my sister and her family (I'm feeling like a nomad these days). I'd assisted with some painting projects, baby sitting, and moving the heaviest desk I've ever encountered (I still hurt). My friend Liz invited me to the Big Apple to cat sit while she went on a trip; I found a ride on craigslist and considered it my destiny. I've made a few health related discoveries while in New York and felt they were worth a mention.

First I need to mention a pattern I've noticed. There are a lot of very physically active people living city lives. I don't think it was the same when I was a kid. Growing up in the country, it seemed visiting the city (Buffalo being the only one I was ever taken to) meant seeing a lot of inactive people. I may be wrong, but it seems somehow to have flipped. Many of the heavier, less active people I encounter now seem to be country dwellers. I'm not certain how or why this might be the case. Anyhow, seeing all of the runners, bikers, walkers and such in NYC made me think about this.

The last I visited Liz's, I went to a free yoga session at a center big on combining yoga and Thai Chi; I returned this visit and was disappointed at the way I was received. I could participate in yoga for $25 per hour session. I purchased a book from them, Meridian Exercises for Self-Healing by: Ilchi Lee, but decided I'd do yoga somewhere else. Once again craigslist came to the rescue; for 6 hours of cleaning and assisting in setting up a studio, I would be able to participate in 10 yoga sessions (thank you very much Loretta of Area Yoga Brooklyn). I've been able to participate in two fairly challenging beginner's sessions and may go for one or two more (it's just over a one hour walk to the studio and going eats into my writing time).

Another great health related find was a place called Start Point located in the Hispanic part of Brooklyn at 5th ave. and 53rd street. I stopped in to ask about their herbs and was invited to get a kind of acupressure massage on a infrared heated bed; I slept so well the night after this first session, I decided to return daily. It's a neat set up...friendly and inviting. They do a 15 minute talk in Spanish before every session on the beds, which I've been considering a free language lesson (mucho gusta!).

I also purchased a copy of The Tao of Detox by: Daniel Reid and, having read the first couple of chapters, am giving it my highest recommendation for Morgellons sufferers. Really it is great! Get a copy if you can or I'll loan you mine once I'm done.

I had hoped to connect with a Wilson's Temperature Syndrome specialist, but she emailed to let me know she is moving to Arizona. Sure, I was disappointed. I also have to say I'm surprised the Chinatown I was familiar with here some 15 years ago has changed greatly; it is mostly for tourist. So, some health related disappointments...but the good outweighs the bad.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Reclaiming Your Internal Environment- Part 6- The Progress, Challenges, and Stumbles

Though we seldom talk about it, when it comes to health in America we are conditioned to believe almost always a simple pill will make things right. If there was a pill to take away Morgellons, I'm certain many would opt to take it (and it would make about 95% of the medical world happier...not to mention the drug companies). Morgellons or HyperToxicity Syndrome or NeuroCutaneous Syndrome is truly systemic. My experience has been that the only real way to get well and eliminate symptoms (some which you may presently think have nothing to do with Morgellons) is to go after the beast and detox, detox, detox!

We have to be careful though. If you loosen mercury or other heavy metals from their molecular bind where they are currently and you overtax your detox system (such as kidney or liver), you may find yourself dealing with other health issues. Such toxins have to be removed with care and patience. It will take time.

I know in my efforts over the past 4+ years, I've had some major...feeling better, feeling better, feeling better...then suddenly oh, I'm feeling bad again. The best example of this would be my endocrine system challenges over the past year.

Obviously I wouldn't have gone over to Tanzania to teach if I though my health would be an issue. I had been feeling at the top of the world having taken up rock climbing and started some serious trail running again. I though all of my health issues were in the past and then stress overtook me. The students I would be teaching were from wealth and, having been raised on a farm with little, this certainly brought out some of my insecurities. While most of the staff were good people, there were enough game-playing coworkers to make my life difficult. I felt I had stress upon stress upon stress. Without reliving this extremely dysfunctional setting where the American male did not fit in, I will simply state I started to have some serious symptoms. Piecing it all together over time, I realized I was dealing with endocrine issues. It was a major stumble!

Still with 6 months of feeling like crap and getting no answers from the various doctors I'd visited, I needed to go through this challenge. I made it through another course of crappy symptoms and found my way back to health.

The thing about Morgellons and even related endocrine challenges is they are deep core issues of health. As someone who relies heavily on my mind working proper to teach and to write, I have felt completely broken at times (and these are the times I'm most likely to seek a closer connection to God); maybe this is for the best.

Given all of the challenges and stumbles, you may wonder is it worth it? I've got to say absolutely! I love life and living! If you've visited my main website ( and looked through some of my travels, you've seen a glimpse of my life after Morgellons. You can get through Morgellons. You can reclaim your internal environment and you can live a life more full than you have ever dreamed! It is out there. Reach for it! Enough of the exclamation points (my editor hates them)and enough on reclaiming your internal environment. Saint George fought the dragon and you can fight this! Carpe diem, Joe