Some peace while putting the pieces together

I am creating this at the new coffee shop in town. The owner and I just talked about a concept we're calling a "bright ripple". The bright ripple starts with one, builds to two, and keeps growing. It's positive action growing exponentially until it creates a tsunami of bright beauty and chases off the dark. Everyone get your boards and surf the ripple!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Diet and Methylation Speculation

It has now been four months since my return from Africa. I still am not feeling 100% well (although okay at times). I've met with four separate doctors. I've been tested for liver problems, kidney problems, adrenal problems, HIV ...and wait for results of parasite testing and other. I am sick and tried of being sick and tired, as the saying goes.

While I don't like to think about it, I have a family history of cancer. I now wonder if it is what really needs to be considered. My immune system was taxed greatly while overseas and it might have put me out of balance. So, in considering cancer, I looked at ways to beat cancer without chemotherapy. One way is diet; changing our internal environment from acidic to alkaline.

I wondered about the possible relationship between diet and Morgellons symptoms. If the Barrier Theory is correct, could an acidic environment add to mercury changing from inorganic to organic species? It ends up it could. There is a process in acidic bodies of water called methylation. I'm speculating methylation would alter inorganic mercury to methylmercury. Of course I'm not entirely certain of how all of methylation occurs or the byproducts, but it is worth considering.

There are a ton of books and online resources related to PH balanced diets. I know I need to be better at getting my internal environment less acidic. I think for those of us fighting off toxins, parasites, and other imbalances, alkaline promotion makes sense.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Detox Setting- The Home

Last year I spent almost 4 months removing toxins and making my home a comfortable place to live in. My plan had been to find work teaching and continue on my detoxification. Things never go exactly as you plan. Not finding true work, I went to Africa to teach and got very sick. I feel like I've taken some steps back in getting my health in order.

I do believe a key factor in regaining health is to eliminate as many toxins from your life as possible. I did do as much as I could with the prompting of Natural Home Magazine. They wrote an article on the initial assessment of my structure and then also did a follow-up article. I've provided the links below, but will add NH has excellent related articles on good cleaning materials and keeping your home healthy. They're a great magazine!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dave Wilcox- Show the Way

I hope this link works. I sometimes get fuzzy brained when trying to do cyber- activities. Anyhow, the lyrics say it all.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Comparing Tribes: HIV/AIDS and Morgellons Part 2

Before getting started on a short comparison between the HIV/Aids and Morgellons Tribes, I wanted to update on my own health. While I am less than perfect (symptoms seem more invasive at night), I’ll have a good day or two and then begin to feel the symptoms of whatever I’m carrying again. I have an appointment lined up with a tropical disease specialist in Rochester in 10 days; I am hopeful he will have answers and point me in the direction of complete health.

My comparison of the Tribes comes from thoughts of having HIV (though as I said last time I tested negative). I learned from my Morgellons’s experience to make use of the internet as a tool. Assuming I would find out I had HIV, I began asking medical professionals for direction. I also took the time to look into online support from other sufferers. Of course, I also looked for possible cures.

While there are many “Tribes” of disease sufferers found online, I find Morgellons and HIV/Aids similar in the generally accepted diagnosis of “incurable”. I know for Morgellons this is not true (see my own story “Hell and Back Again” as well as a growing number of other stories) and there is a recent case of a German man who was HIV positive for 16 year and, after a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy, is now HIV free. Miracles do happen!

One of the surprises I found among the HIV/Aids Tribe is a prevalent approach to live life fully. They have get-togethers, dances, cruises, and even marriages. My heart goes out to these individuals in the face of such a condition. They are a good example to all of us.

The only organized Morgellons event I know of is the now annual Scientific/Medical Conference on Morgellons Disease taking place in a church conference center in Austin, Texas (it is something, but strikes me as a little sad). I know there are some support groups out there. And, of course, there are online support groups (my opinion…some good, some bad). Yes, we need more discussion among the medical community, but we also need some positive means of connecting as individuals for fun!

One other comparison to be made is the medical worlds view towards these separate camps. It is disturbing there are still peer reviewed and accepted articles related to Morgellons being delusional. When will the tides turn? Of course, this one piece the HIV/Aids Tribe has as an advantage; the medical world knows what they have is real and they have the means to diagnose it. In comparing numbers of medical research found on, the current number of pieces dedicated to Morgellons is 30 (many of the delusional camp)and HIV/Aids is 97,891.

What can we, The Morgellons Tribe, take from considering the HIV/Aids Tribe? Let me share my opinion.

- Open to faith, let go of fear (though I feel both tribes are doing this exceptionally well)
- Live life as fully as possible (however, I do not recommend a trip to Africa)
- Organize, support, and assist each other- A Morgellons’s Cruise? Why not!
- Let go of anger, open up to hope
- Build knowledge of medical condition
- Share what you learn along the (document your own story)

We have much to learn from one another. Certainly, sharing within our own Tribe helps. I hope we can expand our thoughts and prayers to others who also suffer beyond the Morgellons community. Peace to you with HIV/Aids.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Comparing Tribes: HIV/AIDS and Morgellons Part 1

If you follow my blog, then you know I've spent much of this school year in Africa and returned to the US after becoming ill. I've struggled through some bad symptoms which seem to come in waves.

Two weeks ago I remembered an incident which took place in Arusha, Tanzania. I had purchased a hair trimmer from a street vendor and, after finding it didn't work, went back to get my money returned. I got angry and started shouting at the man and, as seems to be common in Africa, a crowd circled around. One of the men told me he would get me to a barber (though it sounds strange, I believe he had "bewitched" or hypnotized me. I cannot remember has face...only his hand gestures and voice). I ended up at the local market which is as dirty a setting as you can imagine. Knowing one in six is estimated as infected with HIV in Tanzania (which is actually lower than much of Africa), I would never have freely chosen to go to such a setting where blood could easily be transferred.

Anyhow, the memory of this incident flooded my mind as my health recently worsened and had symptoms characteristic of HIV. Once again, I felt I would have to confront a condition considered incurable. I set up a date to get tested and assumed the worst. I won't leave you hanging. I was tested yesterday and, thank God, I do not have HIV!

One of the HIV/Aids online support groups uses "Welcome to the Tribe" as their motto. I like the idea of a tribe. It is a comfort to those suffering, I am certain. A Morgellons tribe needs to form. In my next entry, I plan to compare the tribes; I think we could learn much from understanding each other.