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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Do- It- Yourself Lymphatic Drainage

A key piece of cleaning out our bodies is getting lymphatic drainage. I included this as part of my protocol for cleansing from the beginning. I had a massage therapist not to far from my apartment in Scottsdale, so, at first, it was easy to get this done weekly.

When I moved to a remote setting for work, I found the nearest massage therapist, who knew how to do lymphatic drainage, was a two hour drive away. I asked her about self-drainage and she thought it was a good idea. If you can't get or afford a professional, you may want to take this do-it-yourself approach (and I'm hoping I can describe it correctly).

These directions are as I understand them. If you find a massage therapist in your area, it may be best to ask them. Anyhow, I'll try to share what I know.

For toxins in the lymph node to be expelled from the body, they must be guided towards the area above the heart or somewhere right around your belly button. I do this drainage while I'm in the sauna (clothing isn't an issue). I start by pulling from my mandible down the face...further down the the heart area (I do this 20+ times). The massage is gentle. The lymphatic system is just below the skin, so no need to attempt deep tissue. Next, I pull or slide down my arms, across my armpit, and again towards the heart (20+ times).

The lower part of my body is done similarly (though I pull or slide towards the belly button). First, I go up and down each side following the ribs towards the belly button (20+ times for each area). I do this to the left and right. Next I start down on my thigh go up through the groin and again pull towards the belly button area. The entire process takes 5-10 minutes. I suppose I could do more, but I think it is effective as is.

I hope this is helpful. I can have difficulty in trying to give directions (never ask me how to get from point A to point B). Make use of it if you like. I'm certain it could be improved on. I think to start you might try to do this every other day. I really don't know how to document the impact, but it should help in the detoxing. Good luck!

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