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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Out of My Genes

I confess I’m a church hopper. One of my monthly haunts is the Unitarian Universalist meeting. On a recent Sunday, I met the women who owns the website .  I’d been speaking about my own health history and she asked, “Have you been tested for the MTHFR genetic mutation?”

I’m certain I raised an eyebrow with a, “No.”

“You need to get that tested. Have you got a piece of paper?”

As all decent writers do, I had a pad of paper and pen in my pocket. She wrote down a couple of websites with, “ will give you your family history, then send it on to they can give you the genetic information.”

We spoke for a while and I must say I was impressed enough to go home and sent my payment off to to get my testing underway (cost about $108). About a week later, a small box with a vial for me to spit in arrived (about 5% of saliva is made of genetic materials). One cold evening I spent about 15 minutes getting my spit sample to the “fill line” (amazing how dry your mouth gets when you are attempting such). I sent it off and eagerly anticipated the results.

It was almost three weeks later that I was emailed the results. My  Irish and English pedigree was confirmed and rumors of some Native American blood dissolved (old family story which was probably started by my mother). Other findings included: 3.1% Neanderthal!!!! (love that finding!) and somehow I’m a distant cousin to Prince Phillip. I pondered and shared results with relatives.

My next step was to send my genetic results to The results came back by email within a couple of minutes (cost $18) and provided proof of my having the MTHFR mutation and several others associated with low glutathione production (body uses this to chelate heavy metals). It is a FACT, I am not well designed for the removal of mercury!

I also sent results to to get useful dietary and supplemental information specific to my genetic make-up (cost of somewhere around $50). They provide a four page summary of what to take and what to avoid (very helpful!)

One last piece I utilized was free results from NRI (Neurological Research Institute) which was labor intensive (had to look up genetic mutations from printout and enter data). The results provide suggestions for bettering methylation cycle.

In the end, I’m still the same person with a little more knowledge. For the cost of around $170 total, I was able to learn (and am still learning) tons of information helpful for myself and family members. I highly recommend the use of modern genetic testing to better know yourself.

To Your Health,

Joe (AKA The Neanderthal)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Some Connections With Robin Williams

The recent suicide of Robin Williams was a shock to say the least. I've spent the weekend camping with friends and found myself in thought returning to his case repeatedly. I believe Robin Williams was dealing with issues of mercury toxicity.

In fact, I recently sent a letter to my local paper- The Cortez Journal and post it here as well-

The recent Journal article discussing suicide, in light of Robin William’s death, presents isolation as a primary cause.  Another possible cause to consider is heavy metal toxicity (especially mercury). Mercury is the second most toxic substance known to man; the profession with the highest suicide rate is dentistry. Symptoms documented in relation to mercury toxicity include- among others-anxiety, depression, and suicidal tendencies (recent studies have also linked neurodegenerative conditions such as MS and Parkinson's).

Those living in the Four Corners should become alert to symptoms associated with heavy metal toxicity. While mercury in dental work is one source, there has also been historic mining activities (mercury used in the extraction of gold and silver is found in tailing piles and may get into ground water) and several power plants adding to local toxic burdens. Fish consumption is also a known source of mercury.

Genetically, some of us (myself included) are not well-designed for natural removal of heavy metals and can suffer from cumulative effects.  To recover from serious symptoms (including paresthesia), I had to have mercury fillings removed/replaced, undergo chelation, and aggressively detox (Keleher, Joseph W. “Hell and Back Again” Explore! 17.4, 2008). With proper medical guidance and taking a “toxins out, nutrients in” approach, many can miraculously regain health.

For those interested in approaches to detoxification, I recommend the works of Mark Hyman, MD, Alison Adams, ND, Dr. Chris Shade, and Joe Mercola, MD.

To Our Health,

Joe Keleher

Those of you who have followed this blog know I consider Morgellons Disease in part or whole to be cause from mercury as a neurotoxin. I light of all of this, a couple of topics fit Robin William's case- he came from Celtic bloodlines (I have speculated a connection as Irish, Welsh and Scottish seem to have difficulty removing heavy metal toxins and this may be genetic) and also, he lived in the lower Guadalupe River watershed (the largest mercury mines to exist in the US were at the headwaters of the Guadalupe) where the CDCs most likely cluster of Morgellons Disease sufferers were located.

Returning from a camping trip, I checked my emails and found an article posted by Alison Adams which reflected similar thoughts (though with more depth). You can read this here-

Talking about mental and physical health in light of toxicity need to become more mainstream. As for Robin Williams, I wish he hadn't snuffed out his own light. He is greatly missed.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Health- Sometimes Expensive, Sometimes Free

Though it’s a bit jumbled and emotionally-ridden, I wanted to share some thoughts on today’s health system. I know most everyone fighting Morgellons has some serious war stories...but also tear-jerkin' tender moments. 

The medical world is pretty frustrating. It seems the approach to “quality research” makes the professionals appear as Jane Goodall knockoffs studying the lifestyle of sloths. Come on, folks! Let’s move it! On cancer. On diabetes. On Morgellons!

When I returned to Cortez, CO not quite two years ago, I was saddened to hear my Primary Care Physician had died from a brain tumor. He was caring, sincere and willing to listen- all good characteristics. I’ve since found a replacement, but made him alert to my slant towards Functional Medicine.

I have for several years been promoting Functional Medicine though written and spoken words. I decided, if I could afford it, I should make an appointment with a nearby Practitioner who specializes in neurology and see if it was beneficial.  The phone receptionist told me my initial visit would be two hours long and cost me $720 out of pocket (they can’t take insurance…of course).

So, what is my point in sharing this? I question the need to make health assistance so expensive. Yes, medical professionals should make something for their knowledge, schooling, and experience, but when it becomes inaccessible to the general public because of cost, something is wrong.

Occasionally, those who are promoting health come through with a very good idea….and this one’s FREE! A detox summit will be offered online and should be very worthwhile. Here’s the link to check it out- I’m  impressed with the speaker line up. I did sign up as a Detox Summit Affiliate, primarily to promote the free content. 

Happy health! Joe

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Exercise, Niacin and Sauna

I have been following a new approach to detoxing based primarily on an interview of Dr. George Yu by Dr. Joe Mercola .
Here is the approach I am taking/ suggesting-
Open bodies channels for elimination of toxins- kidney, liver and colon through coffee enemas, supplements, and diet

 Follow healthy diet and utilize large doses of natural chelators (cilantro and chlorella)

Exercise, Niacin and Sauna-

Dr. Yu suggests building up to 5000 mg of niacin. I was able to get as high at 2500…but found myself having serious reactions (my skin turned blotchy red especially in upper torso/around joints and vomiting in the am). 
I have decided for myself 1000 mg daily is enough.   Your body will let you know when you’re beyond your limit. Take your time and slowly build levels. Eventually, I may up my intake to 2000 mg daily.

I am fortunate to have a sauna. I know some may consider this an extravagant expense. I actually found my sauna heater and door on craigslist. With cedar, redwood and electrical work, I spent right around $2000.
My last sauna was an online purchase of an infrared sauna. Ramona on is a big promoter of quality infrared saunas and also provides a wealth of information for those suffering from Morgellons-Ramona on Morgellons

Morgellons sufferers may have bodies ill-designed for toxic removal. The fact that Morgellons has forced me to better understand my body and how it works makes it more of a blessing and less of a curse. I plan routine detoxing in an ongoing fashion.

Hope this is helpful.

To your health,

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Stephen King Letter

I’ve heard it many times from Morgellons sufferers- “I feel like I’m in a Stephen King novel.” I wrote the “Master of Horror” to ask if he’d consider coauthoring a book on Morgellons Disease with me. I was pleased to get a response from his Assistant (though also humored to find two grammatical errors).

I had a potluck last night and shared the note with one of my writer friends. David suggested, “You should ask him to write an intro to the book; it’d get you just as many of the public interested and he’d not have to make too much of a commitment.” Good idea!

I’d like to pitch the intro idea to Stephen King. The likelihood of him considering might increase if he received a letter or two (or a hundred or a thousand) from Morgellons sufferers from around the planet recommending my project. Please consider sending a note to: Stephen King, 1380 Hammond St., Bangor, ME 04401. Help me show the world Morgellons Disease deserves everyone's attention.


Joe Keleher

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Talking About Morgellons on Youtube

This woman's account of all she has gone through could be the story of so many of the sufferers I've communicated with. The world does need to know! Laura Cherry Talks About Morgellons God bless her for sharing!