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Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Note to Morgellons Sufferers, Researchers and the Like,

It has been nearly 10 years since my recovery from symptoms of the Morgellons Disease spectrum.  Sadly, little credible research has happened since—currently, there are only 51 articles found when searching “Morgellons” on (the majority presenting it as a delusional condition). In writing this note, I have three purposes in mind: 1) review my contributions, 2) speculate on related patterning and 3) send thanks and good byes to everyone connected to MD.

My Sharing-
I wrote an account of my recovery to share with other sufferers; eventually, the editor of Explore! requested permission to publish it. While editing, I decided to review published work related to MD such as Kellett’s 1935 article "Sir Thomas Browne and the Disease Called Morgellons"  and noted patterns in the historic documentation of these symptoms which suggested association with mercury; this morphed into a summer of travels and research resulting in "Patterns in Early Morgellons Disease Considered as Effects of Mercury Exposure".

I understand MD as symptoms due to mercury as a neurotoxin. I wrote on the treatment of Morgellons Disease sufferers and presented a theory on cause and progression .  Online, I published some on Morgellons- A Mundane Approach  (Thank you, Mr. CommonSense) and created the blog Morgellons Joe to focus on MD as a condition related to toxicity.

Friends know I do not enjoy being in front of an audience; however, the situation with MD motivated me to overcome my discomfort to share. Pam Crane interviewed me several times on her Blog-Talk-Radio show, Trish Springstead, RN mentioned my research on the a late night  “Coast to Coast, Tom Yoder, of the public radio station KSJD, interviewed me for KSJD Morning Talk  and The Discovery Channel aired my story on Diagnose Me. All in all, though a true introvert, I am proud to have overcome my stage fright to share.

Speculation on Patterning-
I know there are many who disagree with me on my approach to research (I am not a medical professional) and may cringe when I speculate; nonetheless, I share some of my own thoughts on patterning related to MD/ mercury toxicity.
1)     1)  With further research, I believe a large number of symptoms sets including; MD, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lyme Disease, Parkinson's, ADD, ADHD, Autism, MS and others, will be understood as relating to mercury in our systems. Overall health, genetics, mercurial speciation and mobility of mercury may account for specific parameters of symptom sets.
2)     2)  I believe mercury as an endocrine disruption may cause sexual orientation and/ or confusion in an individual (homosexuality, bisexuality, gender association issues and so on). A research article in Nature shows "Mercury in Ibises Causes Homosexuality" and this toxin may have similar effects on other species (including humans).  I think it merits further investigation.
3)      3) Several health professionals have suggested to me there is a high rate of “Spirituality” among those suffering from heavy metal poisoning. In one study mercury was found to gather in the lower right parietal of brain; this area is discussed in spirituality associated with locations in the brain Does mercury toxicity make you a religious zealous?
4)      4) The Late Renaissance of the Languedoc Region of France may represent the largest case of documented mercury poisoning ever (both spatially and temporally). What are the cultural implications of large scale mercury poisoning?  With support, I would welcome pursuing related research further.

Again, I know I may be speculating more than most are comfortable with. If nothing else, these points might be the basis for some interesting conversations and debates.

Good-Bye and Thanks for all the Guacamole-
Before I share my thanks and a hearty good-bye, I’d like to say a little about forgiving. MD is not an easy set of symptoms to overcome—especially when the vast majority of the medical world is willing to label it as delusional. To end this viewpoint, we simply need to follow up on the 2009 study by Harvey et. al.; take patient’s resting heart rates, body temperatures, inquire about endocrine disorders and miscarriages to clearly see this is not in the head of the sufferer, it is systemic and multi-symptomatic. The “research” by the CDC and Mayo Clinic are problematic and this has been discussed (see Cindy Casey's response). Simply stated, there is no way in hell MD is delusional!

So, how do sufferers forgive? I don’t know. I do think those, especially researchers funded by taxpayers’ money, who have in any way covered up the truth need to be held accountable. I think most Primary Care Physicians are confused and I wish this wasn’t so; I ask for them to try their best to listen to their patients and, one hopes, eventually the truth will shine through. Among those who do see MD as related to toxicity (especially mercury), I have had my share of being ignored and/or given no credit for my efforts; I can forgive you and even let you take credit for my findings (as long as you are willing to release personal profit for the good of those who suffer these horrific symptoms and point them in the proper direction towards healing).

Along with the many health professionals who have assisted in my quest for health (you know who you are), I would like to thank the online friends I made including especially- Mr. Commonsense (still doesn’t want the world to know who he is), Trish Springstead, Pam Crane and Ramona Melville; these folks have been very helpful to the Morgellons community and deserve recognition.  I know there are others out there helping sufferers and in my opinion you are all saints—Thanks for helping others!

To those who have read this blog, related writings and such, I truly hope you can find your way to health. I have called many of you friends and will continue to do so. I would like to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of life and let MD become a topic of the medical world (as it should be) I have traveled this road will little or no support (even much of my family did not understand what I went through until the Discovery Channel piece aired). I know it isn’t easy. I hope I have been helpful.

The very best,
Joe Keleher, AKA Morgellons Joe