Some peace while putting the pieces together

I am creating this at the new coffee shop in town. The owner and I just talked about a concept we're calling a "bright ripple". The bright ripple starts with one, builds to two, and keeps growing. It's positive action growing exponentially until it creates a tsunami of bright beauty and chases off the dark. Everyone get your boards and surf the ripple!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Stephen King Letter

I’ve heard it many times from Morgellons sufferers- “I feel like I’m in a Stephen King novel.” I wrote the “Master of Horror” to ask if he’d consider coauthoring a book on Morgellons Disease with me. I was pleased to get a response from his Assistant (though also humored to find two grammatical errors).

I had a potluck last night and shared the note with one of my writer friends. David suggested, “You should ask him to write an intro to the book; it’d get you just as many of the public interested and he’d not have to make too much of a commitment.” Good idea!

I’d like to pitch the intro idea to Stephen King. The likelihood of him considering might increase if he received a letter or two (or a hundred or a thousand) from Morgellons sufferers from around the planet recommending my project. Please consider sending a note to: Stephen King, 1380 Hammond St., Bangor, ME 04401. Help me show the world Morgellons Disease deserves everyone's attention.


Joe Keleher