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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Help Yourself to Medical Research!

In a recent Mr. Commonsense blog entry, mention of thyroid and iodine level issues prompted me to take a trip to my new favorite medical research source-, my favorite medical research center open to the public is the Wellcome Center in London...but I can't always hop on a plane and head for merry olde England). I did a search of "thyroid and mercury"; there were 136 results (some of these are really interesting!). The entire search and scan of contents took me under a minute. The cost was free...and I found many studies out there connecting thyroid issues to mercury. Cool,eh!

If you do a search on Morgellons, you will be disappointed. Today, I found 21 results. One new piece that caught my attention was the article titled "Intraoral Morgellons Disease or Delutional Parasitosis" by A.J. Dovigi from the Midwestern School of Dental Medicine (my spider senses are tingling...or maybe it's just my feet?).

Anyhow, it pays to be educated. is a reliable source for possible cause and cure of symptoms (at least it will give you something to talk with your doctor about). I'd suggest you take the time to do some searches under crawling sensations, fibers, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, and any other symptom you may be having. I've done some searches combining the symptoms I experienced and mercury; this is how I found mention of "scabies" as a symptom of extensive use of skin whitening creams (containing high levels of mercury).

If you find any interesting connections, be willing to share. We all benefit from it and all it cost is your time.

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