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I am creating this at the new coffee shop in town. The owner and I just talked about a concept we're calling a "bright ripple". The bright ripple starts with one, builds to two, and keeps growing. It's positive action growing exponentially until it creates a tsunami of bright beauty and chases off the dark. Everyone get your boards and surf the ripple!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Get the Metal Out!

It's a landmark week. My theory related to Morgellons Disease is now in print (Explore! 20.5) for which I give much thanks to Crystyne Jackson, Explore! editor, for ongoing support and motivation (keep on rockin' the medical world!) I'm soon to end my over half year+ of couch surfing as I'll be moving back into my home in Wellsboro. And, finally, what you might be most interested in, I'm taking more steps towards cleaning the heavy metals out of my system.

I picked up an internet order of glutathione from one of my sister's homes (remember I currently do not have a real address); this was motivation by recent dialog on this blog and understanding glutathione binds with mercury to pull it out of your system. In discussing this with a health store pro, I was told Alpha Lipoic Acid would have the same effect at a lower cost (ALA promotes our own system (liver I think) to create its own glutathione). I'll use glutathione initially with the plan to shift towards ALA.

I have just over one month until I can move back into my shack, so I will be house sitting for friends starting next week. I plan to do a week long lemonade fast (I've done this twice before) along with colon cleanse. The Tao of Detox mentions the importance of a clean colon for any detox work to be effective. I hope to also get some algin as it is known to assist in pulling metals from the digestive track and begin this along with the fast.

After the fast and re occupancy of home, I will use my infra red sauna with sulfur soap daily along with cilantro tea (not the best taste but is said to help pull mercury and improve memory). I'll continue my daily walks (minimal one hour) and build my yoga routine. I may also start doing some wood runs again. Key is getting my health and energy back to where it should be.

With summer over and fall here, it feels right to pursue happier and healthier. It makes sense to get the metal out! Happy trails, Joe

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