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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reclaiming Your Internal Environment- Part 4- Dealing With Dental Toxins

If you've been following my blog and all I have to say, you know I believe my recovery is due primarily because of my removal of dental toxins. The mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body and dental materials your body does not tolerate are a means of slow poisoning.

Key to my recovery was the removal of amalgam fillings. Mercury is the second deadliest substance known to man. Too much of it and you are dead. While we have been told mercury in fillings is safe, I no longer believe it. Mercury needs to be removed and it needs to be removed safely.

Key to removal of toxins is connecting to a qualified biologic dentist. It may be you will have to leave the old mom and pop friendly dentist you have always gone to behind. Your health is too big of an issue to not take a stand. It'll cost more to go to a qualified dentist but it is absolutely necessary!

Your biologic dentist should ask you to get tested for dental toxicity (again costly but necessary). Talk to them about prep (what they recommend least vitamin C and chlorella), the procedure, and follow up. Instead of going through all of this, I refer you to an excellent article (actually better than anything I could write on it) by Mike Adams found at: .

I know it is not what many of you would like to hear, but I must tell you the symptoms will get worse before they get better. Though a biologic dentist will do everything possible to keep your mercury levels from going up, in removal there is likely to be a slight increase in mercury released into your system. Even the slightest amount of mercury can tip the scale with these symptoms. Just remember to keep the mantra going...these are only symptoms.

The process of cleaning out years of toxins from your system will take some time. Be patient. Know the steps towards cleaning out your internal environment will help make your life what it should be. We weren't put on this planet to suffer, we're meant to enjoy ourselves. Happy Healing, Joe

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