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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reclaiming You Internal Environment- Part 2- Opening Detox Channels

There's plenty out there on detoxing to assist in healing. As I view Morgellons as a condition due to toxicity, I am keen on sharing some of the basic knowledge I feel is worthwhile. In general, I view our bodies as bouncing blobs of water. Our blobs are only on this world for a short time; it make sense for our time to be as healthy as we can make it.

Let's begin. We need to think about what we are allowing into our bouncing blob of water. Keep our intake of food, water and air as healthy as possible is essential. If you live near know toxic exposure, realize it has effects on your health...if you can, move (as I did. It ain't been easy, but I made the decision my health was more important than my income. I moved away from the power plant area of the Four Corners). Eat right--organic (when possible), avoid known junk foods, no GMOs, know, there are endless sources of information on this. For water, get it as clean as possible. I recommend filters on drinking water as well as showers (your body will absorb approximately 5 cups of water each shower). If you are in an area where historic mining has taken place, sponge baths may be your best alternative (I did this for an extended time when I lived in Teec Nos Pos, AZ. My levels of uranium exposure increase in urine test and I realized this was likely to waters coming down from mountains with uranium tailing piles). Air quality should be good if not great; my recent job/hell on earth position in Tanzania including my asking about air quality right off the bat (the head of schools told me, "...the quality is good". He failed to mention my needing to drive through diesel traffic for close to two hours each day). I will discuss/review more on air quality in the home in my next entry. Now that we've explored the intake for our blog, let's look at the outtake.

Toxins leave the body in three major ways--sweat, urine and feces (stress is also a form of toxin. Traumatic issues from the past may need to be confronted. Forgiving needs to need to forgive friends, health professionals who do not understand Morgellons (very, very important!), family, and even yourself. As I have made use of the 12 Steps for recovery (and suspect I will always need to make use of them), I recommend their use. For today's entry I will focus on matters related to the body and not the mind/spirit). The skins is the largest organ and sweating away toxins is helpful. I like sweats and saunas weekly (if possible). After getting to the point of sweating, you must wash off toxins before the body reabsorbs them; this can be done with a sponge bath, filtered shower, or rolling in the sand (as I did when going to traditional Navajo sweats).

Key to successful detox from heavy metals (such as mercury of course), is to have detox channels for passage out of body open. The kidneys and liver need to be functioning well. It is very important to not have toxins getting stuck along the way out. Though I have found it useful and having a huge impact, enemas (especially coffee which is good for the colon, intestines, liver and kidneys) need to be done with care. I recommend going into this slowly. There are also numerous herbal supports found at local health food stores; be cautious with these too. I use milk thistle for my liver. Lymphatic drainage is important (I have an entry on self massage and recommend looking at it). Regular massage is useful; if you cannot afford to go to a professional massage therapist, I would invest in a palm held massage device (found online for about $35).

Exercise and discipline are helpful. One hour of walking/jogging/yoga or what have you per day is good. I also find one hour of meditation/prayer helpful; stress produces toxins and calm opens the body to release. I recently found a copy of The Complete System of Self-Healing by: Dr. Stephen T. Chang at a yard sale; I have been working on internal exercise and can only say, "Wow! This is definitely beneficial!" In truth, I now know the best approaches to exercise for detox and general health includes both internal and external exercise.

Well, we've covered a lot of ground. I know there is plenty more which could be discussed and look into. Please share what you have found useful along your own path. Of course, we are all individuals and need to find what works for us. A good health professional working with you on all health matters (including detox and opening detox channels) is, as always, recommended. Happy healing, Joe

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