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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Diet and Methylation Speculation

It has now been four months since my return from Africa. I still am not feeling 100% well (although okay at times). I've met with four separate doctors. I've been tested for liver problems, kidney problems, adrenal problems, HIV ...and wait for results of parasite testing and other. I am sick and tried of being sick and tired, as the saying goes.

While I don't like to think about it, I have a family history of cancer. I now wonder if it is what really needs to be considered. My immune system was taxed greatly while overseas and it might have put me out of balance. So, in considering cancer, I looked at ways to beat cancer without chemotherapy. One way is diet; changing our internal environment from acidic to alkaline.

I wondered about the possible relationship between diet and Morgellons symptoms. If the Barrier Theory is correct, could an acidic environment add to mercury changing from inorganic to organic species? It ends up it could. There is a process in acidic bodies of water called methylation. I'm speculating methylation would alter inorganic mercury to methylmercury. Of course I'm not entirely certain of how all of methylation occurs or the byproducts, but it is worth considering.

There are a ton of books and online resources related to PH balanced diets. I know I need to be better at getting my internal environment less acidic. I think for those of us fighting off toxins, parasites, and other imbalances, alkaline promotion makes sense.


  1. Hi Joe.

    Could it be a possibility that methylacrylates ( dental resins) absorb metals from amalgam fillings? I had read somewhere that even the smallest amounts of metals can change the colors from resins and composites into red blue or green. I have noticed some strange things going on in my face. I find most of the black specks and very tiny black/blue fibers in the area where the amalgams are. ( my dentist had an "accident" with an adhesive in my mouth.This happend 4 years ago. Yes, I'm aware of Omar Amin's research :))

  2. Liesbeth,

    I have struggled with trying to understand biochemistry. I have communicated with two biochemist and got little clarity. I would not doubt that methylcrylites could interact with inorganic mercury from amalgam fillings and cause a shift to organic mercury (and the ability to move beyond the blood/brain barrier). Still, until someone qualified does the research it is pure speculation.

    The correlation between where your fibers are appearing and amalgam fillings, as well as your dentist's accident, are worth documenting. It sounds like your case could provide more evidence connecting the foundation of Morgellon to mercury exposure. The more pieces of this puzzle we have, the better our understanding. Thanks for sharing.

    To your health, Joe

  3. (quote)
    I have struggled with trying to understand biochemistry.

    Thanks for your response.
    Pfff, I know all about that....
    I think I have solved my puzzle and think I can prove this with some dental/medical X-rays but don't know anymore which buttons to push or strings to pull to make someone here in Holland to listen to me.
    It is easier to deal with morgellons then dealing with doctors that just don't listen.

    Hope your well...

  4. Don't lose hope. Though I am not a medical professional, I have had two articles appear in a peer reviewed medical journal...and a third on the way. If you have all the pieces to your personal puzzle and would consider publishing it, I may be able to help. An international audience could be more fruitful than focusing on Holland.You can email me through the link on my website . To health, Joe