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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mixed Feelings on the Morgellons Conference of 2013

It's 8:20 pm and I'm at the International Hostel in Austin, Texas. The sun has just set and I'm looking out the window at lights reflecting off the waters of Lady Bird Lake. I'm tired, sweaty and just a little numb.

I had high hopes of sitting down with other researchers and talking about how mercury may connect to these symptoms. I really did. I even wrote down and submitted an index card with the question of "What is the current understanding of the relationship between borrelia and mercury?" for the experts to answer during a question/answer session. The question was not shared. It is possible the question was lost. It is also possible it was intentionally discarded. I do not know. There was an end-of-session frantic asking of "Any other questions?" and I kept silent. I guess I felt rejected. It's okay I told myself I'll get over it.

The conference was over and there were a few stragglers including myself. One of the speakers, Amelia Withington, MD, had asked to borrow my printed copy of "Hell and Back Again" (my account of recovery published just over five years ago in Explore! medical journal). She beckoned me over to talk with a woman with lesions along her jaws.

Lesions correlated with the woman's mercury fillings and her gums had the tell-tale black-blue line of mercury poisoning.  I felt good about sharing my understanding of this condition and hope this sufferer will recovery completely. If I've been able to help even one person, my trip is very much worthwhile.

I spoke with one other sufferer with similar symptoms associated with dental work and noted one of the presenters (also suffering from Morgellons) appeared to have "Dansberry Shakes" (a term describing the shakes and walk of mercury poisoned hat makers of long ago in Dansberry, Connecticut. Certainly, the description of neurological disorders associated with Morgellons spectrum symptoms goes back to the earliest documentation of these symptoms). My opinion of an association with mercury hasn't many ways it has been reinforced.

I guess I'll leave it at that. I am hoping some of the Holman Foundation folks will make an effort to connect with me. Most importantly though, I hope those suffering will find their way to health. 


  1. Hey Joe, it's Robin from Alabama. I want you to know you helped me, alot, and I was able to get a prescription from Dr. Wilmington to have my Mercury fillings removed, as well as much needed tests associated with this "thing" we don't say to a Dr., "Morgellons".

    I'm not able to find a Dr. in this area I live to even care for me, at the least, as a general pt. Once they find out my symptoms, they refuse me care. 25+ drs and counting, over a yr of denial of care. Including a local ER and 2 dermatologist.

    Joe, I have mixed feelings as well about the conference, but, I know that people like you and others that reached out to me have given me much hope and I thank you dearly.

    Let me say this, I am so greatful to the effects of all that care to do the research
    into this horrible disease.

    God Bless...

  2. Robin, Thank you for those words. In all honesty, I think most people who had the pieces of this puzzle placed in front of them would have put them together the same way I did. I wish some doctors would take up the cause and start talking about the connections between these horrific symptoms and mercury. Dr. Wilmington is a good soul (maybe she will).

    I hope these symptoms will disappear from your life and I'm happy to have been helpful. Take care, Joe

  3. Hey Joe, got to correct my typo of Dr. Amelia 'Withington',(not Wilmington). Yes, a good soul she is.

    And can you explain a little about the tell-tale black-blue lines of mercury poisoning?

    I started having neuro involvement a yr ago or so, such as, the brain fog (not really the right term for my brain dysfunction) and when I'm tired I have a tremor in my hands and my balance or equilibrium is not good.

    Also, at the conference I was told I have "speech affective disorder",(if Im saying that right) the not being able to get the words out my mouth of what my brain is thinking, or trying to speak. In other words, sometimes I don't make a bit of sense when trying to talk. Kinda like 'dyslexia of the mouth'.

    Thanks Much, Robin

  4. Robin, The dark blue lines along the gum line are one of the many symptoms of mercury poisoning. Look at the links to the right of my blog for more information.

    All of the symptoms you are experiencing sound neurological. Mercury may be cause in part or whole. I believe there are a number of layers to considered when considering mercury as a neurotoxin such as: genetic sensitivity, age (or accumulation of toxins), sex (Alison Adams discusses in her book the how/why women are more likely to experience symptoms), the presence of mercurial speciation within the body (organic vs inorganic), weak areas within a person's body (most Morgellons sufferers have endocrine disorders). The best approach is one of "Toxins Out, Nutrients In". Alison Adam's book Chronic Fatigue, ME and Fibromyalgia as well as books by Mark Hyman, MD (functional med.)are two of my favorites in terms of helpful information. Good Health to you, Joe

  5. My name is Todd....Live in Michigan....became aware that I have morgellons about two years ago.I am 44 and think I may have had symptoms starting around 12.I am having success wearing Magnetic bracelet..or anklet...or collar.I have read most everything....have tried Nutra silver(does work)Zapper seemed to work....out of desperation I tried making a magnetic bracelet....I am suprised...but it really seems after 3 or 4 months that everything is going away....I seem to be sheading alot of dander...dust...fiber...alot of fine particles falling off.I don't know if it can cure it all the way....but seems very usefull tool.I was sceptical.....I did not try this for over a was out of desperation that I finally tried it.I treally is working....or some other miricle is have nothing to lose....I used self adhesive refrigerator magnets from a craft store...and stuck them inside all around a leather bracelet.....I feel the ankle or neck is better because of getting the magnets close to a major artery.anyone please try this until you find a real cure....mostly it wont hurt you....feel like it really works.Todd

  6. Todd- Do you work with metals? My research and experience connect Morgellons symptoms to mercury as a neurotoxin. I considered using Nutra Silver (actually had some sent to me for use and I didn't), but decided it was again adding something to my system. A toxins out, nutrients in approach appears to be best. Magnets will influence metals in the body.

  7. Hello, im new to this board and thank you so much for it. My name is Dan and I just recently started having morgellons symptoms (tortured. Im learning what it is and how to control it.. I contracted morgellons after having 4 wisdom teeth out (with major complications), lost 27 lbs and had a serious (mrsa) fungal flair up on my toe while getting bit by bed bugs(neighbor had them, a few craw;ed up to me) ALL AT THE SAME TIME.. Im a 30 yr old male and I really was just hoping that someone can give me an advice supplement wise on were to start to get rid of this.. Again, im 30yrs old, but I dont have hundreds to spend.. My email is, I just need a little guidance, I already take "one a day" multi-vitams and "garliq" garlic supplement.... Please help me with a few more, not to many to overwhelm me.. thank you all so much

    1. I do not know if anyone else replied, but I am 36 and I have suffered with Morgellons for the better part of 12 years. I started a regimen of Colloidal Silver for 10 days, Then used Bentonite Clay ( both can be found on amazon). Drink lots of water while on Bentonite. I used a sea salt scrub on my entire body and apply Colloidal Silver Gel to my skin. Now I take a daily supplement of Modifilan (Sea Weed Extract) doing this has helped me in many ways. Message me or email me for more info.

    2. Jason, I haven't used colloidal silver as it may add to your body's toxic burden.

  8. Dan, I'm guessing some mercury was released into your system when you had your teeth removed. Here's a link to Dr. Mercola's interview of Dr. Shade (possibly the world's expert on mercury)- The common ground of those recovering from Morgellons is the "Toxins out, nutrients in" need to work on reclaiming your internal environment. Check out the links on this blog and keep on communicating! Joe

  9. Hey Joe, I want your opinion on lead poisoning. In 2008 I caught a ricochet from a .454 mag bullet, 'big sucker'. I have a large part in my butt, went in at an angle 'bout 4ins deep and a smaller part went in the front of my leg above my knee. The ER Dr told me it would not be a problem, that they would encapsulate. He went further to say he was full of shrapnel, frags, etc. due to his Gulf War days.

    But, in the last 6months the pain in my left hip has become, at times, unbearable. Then it may let up and not bother me for weeks. Do you think the metal toxins associated with the parasites and MD have caused the bullet area to become inflamed, irritated or something?

    Have you seen or know about surface lead detection strips for the home? Do you think I could use them to detect the lead levels on my skin surface?

    Yeah, I still have the mercury in my mouth, too. I'm having much difficulty in finding a doctor, and Joe, I have insurance. I would gladly leave this state for care. I'm open for suggestions on that issue too, a medical doctor etc. I would even be part of research, my MD bitten body, if that ever comes about, let me know. I'll be at the front of the line to sign up.

    Another thing, I'm pretty sure I have Gall Midge. That's what the artifacts look like. And, I have had specimens hatch out into the tiny fly, resembles a mosquito but very tiny. You told me about your friend that had slept under a black light bug zapper, maybe, and on his table, wrapped in a sheet? Anything you think of that you think might help me and when you got time, I sure would appreciate it.

    Thank You Dearly Joe,
    Robin in Alabama

  10. Robin, It sounds like the bullet area needs some attention. I don't know much about the specifics of lead poisoning...just that any additional heavy metals can worsen symptoms caused by mercury (my initial urine tests- way back when- showed I was high in mercury, aluminum and lead).

    In Alison Adam's book she provides a "pre- amalgam filling removal" protocol which you might want to consider.

    The bug zapper story wasn't me. Maybe another Joe? Happy Healing, Joe

  11. Thanks Much Joe, Was kinda afraid I didn't connect the right channel. We spoke but, I tried to speak to as many as I could. Thinking back, I don't think your hair was long at the conference?

    Please, jog my mind.

    You didn't have long hair, right?

    As I smile at myself, I try to think..."think"...anyway...Ah, one day at a time.

    I'm gonna try the lead strips on my skin, out of curiosity and exploration...:)...I'll let you know.

    Take Care,

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  13. anyone know where I can reach Dr. Witthington?