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Friday, January 6, 2012

Let Go and Let God

If you’ve read my account of recovery, you know I have a history of attending 12 step groups (ACOA). Some groups are better than others. A general piece of wisdom shared is to “Let Go and Let God”; this along with the entire program has application in all aspects of life.

Yesterday seemed to have been a landmark day for me. I’ve been thinking about my role in this condition, steps I’ve taken and the understanding of Morgellons. I’d like to make some remarks directed toward approaching Morgellons as a sufferer, my current situation, and then I’m going to “Let Go and Let God”.

First, it is unfair and cruel we have been labeled as delusional. We know enough about the physiology of this condition to know this is not simply a psychological phenomenon. The symptoms are systemic and include less spectacular (such as low body temperature, high resting heart rate, endocrine disorders, and many others) to more spectacular (of course the fibers and the crawling sensations). If you have followed my research and, like me, believe the foundation of this condition to be mercury as a neurotoxin, a blood test of glutathione levels should indicate whether the body is burdened by mercury (other tests may not be the best indicators). I do think it is easy to get overwhelmed by approaching this condition and hope the list below helps as a suggested outline of conquest.

1) In recovery setting up your defense before your offense is wise (to avoid other health issues down the path to wellness).
2) There are many suggested protocols out there. In general those which appear to succeed are directed toward reclaiming the internal terrain. The book I’ve recently recommended by Alison Adams has, I believe, the best thought out approach to detoxifying our insides (she also brings up the importance of body/mind connections and how thoughts play a part in recovery). Protocols recommended by Mr. Commonsense, Ramona at Healing Grapevine, Trish Springstead, RN at ESP Botanicals, Pam Crane (and all of her blog/radio guests), as well as myself have overlap and appear helpful. I also recommend the book The Tao of Detox as it gives some clarity on living with the toxins of today. Links for all of these sources are found in the upper right hand corner.
3) Consistency and patience are needed to recover. Tap into your spiritual side. Believe fully what you believe. Set your sight on recovery. Keep it simple and be good to yourself.
4) Know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Apologies for using the internet means of shouting, but it is so important. What you are going through is tough. Use the resources available to you. I am certain there are many sufferers who have little or no access to the internet (specifically the tribes in Africa with documented similar symptoms which, I believe may be down steam from historic mining with mercury used in extracting gold and silver in tailing piles getting into the water sources). No matter what our situation, there is always someone who has it worse.
5) Find peace as you pick up the pieces. Keep a quiet place for prayer and meditation. You deserve it!
6) Document what you go through. The more of us speaking, the more likely we will be heard (shades of Horton Hears a Who comes to mind). Start your own blog if you’d like or just keep a journal for yourself (it will help you understand how you progress). Let people know what you’re going through. Patterns emerge as we all know we have something to say.
7) Keep faith that real answers will come soon. There is enough research going on to establish the truth of this condition. Once the truth is known, I suspect there will be a landslide of medical researchers looking at this. Keep hopeful!

My current state of affair is less than perfect, but could be a whole lot worse. Going to Africa for work last year was extremely stressful and appears to have set off some endocrine related problems (I documented my body temperature falling as low as 91.8F) which appears now to be stabilizing at a closer to normal. I have had little income since my return. I am currently substitute teaching on an as need basis and renting out a room in my house to cover my basic costs. I continue to write and am waiting for word from my editor on my most recent novel (who knows maybe it’ll be a best seller?). I have started to see a mental health professional to deal with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and related family issues; it is helpful. I continue to exercise regularly, eat well, take supplements, and keep my eye on the pie of true health.

Yesterday as a turning point happened for several reasons…but I think it is long overdue. I wrote up a pitch for the Discovery Channel for a short series on the history of Morgellons symptoms, sent it off last month, and yesterday received a form letter rejection email (not quite the Xerox of a Xerox (my brother-in-law who works for Xerox keeps reminding me Xerox is not a verb) I often get from publishers, but damn close). Part of what prompted me to write the proposal was the recent History Channel piece suggesting Morgellons was an alien bacteria which had come down in a meteorite (and they call us crazy!?).

The other event which made me think it is time to let go, is I found my email blocked by someone who is well qualified to assess the Morgellons symptoms (especially in relation to toxicity). This condition can certainly make me feel a little spastic and I had overdone the “look at this” approach (actually, I take this recent state of mind as a good sign meaning toxins are being shaken out and released). Honestly, I don’t blame this person for rejecting my efforts; I needed to be reminded of “passing the buck” not happening as simply as sending off my research or associated pieces of the puzzle.

Speaking of research, I’ve done plenty. I was the first to document recovery of the major symptoms and felt it was my duty as an archaeologist to pursue patterns I found in history. I felt these pieces being published in a medical journal would certainly get some of the world to look at this condition in a better light. This past year I published a piece describing The Barrier Theory and hope it will be considered by researchers. This month another piece (and I’ve let the editor know I plan for it to be my final) giving insight from a recovered Morgellons patient to the medical professional will be published. I wrote and pursued publication of these pieces to better our understanding of this condition (and improve the lives of those suffering). In one of my communications with a major Morgellons research team I was told, “It’s all about time and money”; I’d like to see researchers replace this attitude with one focused on the health and happiness of those suffering.

With all of this being said, instead of attempting to make my typical weekly blog entry, I will blog only when something significant enough to shift our understanding of Morgellons occurs. I feel I’ve done all I can. It is time to “Let Go and Let God”. Peace, Joe

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