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Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Dam About to Break?

There's an energy in the air. It feels like something is about to happen. Answers to Morgellons and what it is all about...patterns...progress.

Those of you who follow Mr. Commonsense (, know some valuable pieces of research have been presented. Recently, an entry "Common Patterns Emerging From Testing Morgellons Sufferers" presented some outcome and interpretation. I don't qualify to critique this study, but find it a good thing when anyone is presenting common traits among sufferers. I also like to see the comments presented.

Mr. CS has also been kind enough to post the library research, patterning and speculation of my own efforts. He set aside a category under "Joseph Keleher", if you have the desire to read them.

Mary Leito and those at Morgellons Research Foundation published the results of their studies last summer. Patterns of physiologic effect emerge and clearly show Morgellons is anything but delusional!

Online I also see sufferers communicating patterns of their own. For example, Mr. CS made mention of being found to have low potassium levels on his blog. My ER visits showed the same and mentioned it. What does it mean? I'm not certain...but patterns are emerging!

I wonder about the CDC study at the cost of somewhere around $350,000 dollars. I'm not certain what has happened to this research. Did it get lost in the mail? Did they realize they were completely off on their approach? Do they need more money? Is this even "good enough for government work"?

I mentioned as a valuable and free resource for any of us to tap into. Really, it is great! My own research was done during my spare time and at my own expense (I'll guess the trip to Europe to explore resources at noted locations of historic Morgellons symptoms cost somewhere around $4,000...I slept in a lot of hostel...some where pretty nasty). So, when I hear research can't be done because of "time and money" I don't believe it.

A recent blog entry mentioned a doctor in Florida taking on Morgellons patients. Evidently he doesn't like the term Morgellons...he prefers toxicity!

Are there cracks in the Morgellons's dam? Is it about to break? I hope so! I want to see crystal clear patterning and understanding of this condition. It really is the right time. And, while I have my own ideas of how I would spend $350,000 of taxpayers money on better understanding this condition, I wonder how you would spend it? Really, what do you think needs to be considered? Who are the experts you would want to include in such a study? What results would you want to see? I'm ready for some answers...and I think they're coming! If our knowledge of this condition continues to expand, eventually the dam has got to give!

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