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I am creating this at the new coffee shop in town. The owner and I just talked about a concept we're calling a "bright ripple". The bright ripple starts with one, builds to two, and keeps growing. It's positive action growing exponentially until it creates a tsunami of bright beauty and chases off the dark. Everyone get your boards and surf the ripple!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Normal Life?

I'm sitting at the coffee shop. I'll be substitute teaching for the afternoon. I've a little time before the caribbe crepes are finished (my lunch). Some people would say I'm living a normal life...others wouldn't.

I'm trying to have some clear idea of how I view my life as normal since my symptoms.Of course, I'm asking first "What is normal?"

I think my town and neighborhood is normal. I've compared it to Bedford Falls in the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" (it really does look like it...except there isn't any high bridges to jump from. This may be a good thing). There's a town square, gas lit medians, and tons of well-kept historic buildings. The look of the place,it being a walk-around town, and easy access to hiking made it appealing.

My neighborhood has well-groomed yards, good neighbors, bad neighbors, and well-used porches. It has a pleasant Mayberry kind of feel to it. Generally there isn't much excitement.

I'm not certain what people think of me. I think I'm considered a decent person with a liberal slant. I am open to talking about my health situation. I even share what I've written about Morgellons with some. Some are interested, some aren't.

I've returned from subbing for a half day. The kids were great and I enjoyed my time. I had thoughts about how I'd finish this entry after work. Thoughts can change though...and mine have.

Stopping at the school office before walking down to the library to blog, I spoke with the school secretary.

"How'd it go?" She asked (as she always does).
"Very well," I said. "I'm glad I didn't take the sub position up in the high school."
"It was a good day not to sub in the high school. A student was in an accident."
We talked for a little while longer.It is very sad.

I guess we all find ourselves from time to time remembering just how precious life is. Though I didn't know this young person, I feel for the family and friends. I had a similar situation happen last year when I was living and teaching on the Navajo Nation. A friend's boyfriend, who had recently become a father, had a heart attack and died; it was sudden and unexpected (I called my mother just after this to tell her I loved's the most awkward words to share with her).

What does it cost to let each other know we care about each other? I wasn't brought up in a "warm fuzzy" family setting, but I try to let people know I care about them (family, friends, neighbors, and even you). It cost nothing and yet it brings light to us and others.

Maybe this is what I need to be writing about (funny how things work). Maybe I needed to remind myself and others that no matter is precious. Whatever your situation, whatever you ache or pain, see your life as a fragile and unique creation...because that is exactly what it is!

Me normal? Maybe not. Instead of reaching for a normal life, we need to reach for the best life we can have!

Love and light to you.

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