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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Treatment of Morgellons Sufferers

I have been writing an essay on the treatment of Morgellons sufferers. It has not been an easy subject to approach. In an article titled "Delusional Infestation", Freudenmann and Lepping give step by step suggestions for handling those dealing with these symptoms (found at: ). It is easy to get angry at their suggestions and judgmental wording...instead I hope to design a better approach. One piece I am suggesting is a questionnaire. I put it below for review and suggestions. I want it to be a means for positive progress (both for the patient and the medical professional). Thanks for any input! Joe

Morgellons Suggested Questionnaire
Name _______________________ Date ______________
List all symptoms experienced (expand on back if necessary)- ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
When did symptoms begin? ___________________________________________
What time of day and what setting do symptoms regularly occur? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Describe progression of symptoms. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Location of crawling sensations include: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
What are patterns related to crawling sensations? Do they always start in one location? Are they worse in certain areas? Do they seem to spread across certain areas? Please describe: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Please describe life history of health. Note any times you have been in the emergency room and any diagnoses. Give approximate age, date or distance into past (ex. 3 years ago, etc.). ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Locate any skin lesions on body (chart on drawing)

Give any more information you feel needs documentation. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Joe;
    I was just looking at Dr. Amin's website, and there was a testimonial that I could tell you had written. Based on what I have read about NCS on his site, and what you wrote about it, and from the fact that I got a couple crowns done right before I got Morgellons two years ago (unfortunately I was also bitten by a bedbug, just to confuse things) I'm leaning toward the dental chemicals theory, now. Here's my question- how are you now? Was Dr. Amin right? Did you get better? Was he an important step in that process for you? I'm in the numbness phase, left foot numb all the way to the knee almost, right not so high. Left is swelled. And, do you feel that if you are not contagious to others, then youe are also not so to yourself, therefore you don't need to do laundry every 45 minutes?
    Thank you, I'm considering going to Arizona to see either Dr Amin or Dr Fry.

  2. Hello again. I read the Wilson's post. Oh, my yes. But I have been on ever-increasing thyroid supplement for 20 years now. Apparently the supplement doesn't work as well as the real deal. I had thyroiditis at age 25, probably Hashimotos. But, I have another question: Is it just the amalgam fillings that are the source of the problem? In his papers, Dr. Amin writes about Dycal, Life and similar chemicals used by dentists. Do you know whether these are used in situations such as getting a ceramic crown or filling? My morgellons started after somes ceramic crowns were done. I asked how they are stuck in there, he said "super-glue".

  3. Hi Jennifer.
    And super-glue it is ( kinda). My symptones started after a dental treatment. My dentist spilt this "super glue" in my mouth. But it is such a long story to tell in English. I have some ideas ( as we all do :)) and I am almost certain that your crowns have a lot to do with it.

  4. Hi Joe,
    Perhaps you can add a column to the questionnaire about ones dental records?

  5. Jennifer, My opinion is that Dr. Amin is partially right. I believe the foundation of symptoms is mercury...the use of the dental adhesives Dr. Amin mentions, as well as meth (and possibly other agents such as cocaine), may change mercury from an inorganic to an organic species. Inorganic mercury cannot pass beyond the blood/brain barrier and organic can and does. I'll also speculate the thyroid issues connect to mercury in intolerant persons. The Barrier Theory is discussed (along with plenty else) on the radio show with Pam Crane at . Also, my account of symptoms and recovery were published several years ago and can be found at: . I hope these are helpful.

    Liesbeth, You're right there should be something related to dental toxins on the form. There are some with these symptoms though who did not get them from dental toxins (though I think most do). I think a general page related to toxin exposure (including proximity to historic gold/silver mining and use of skins these are both sources for potential mercury exposure). I'll think some more on this. I wonder could you post the link to your website for others to see? I think your documentation with photos tells plenty! Thanks, Joe


    If you scroll all the way down you find the English
    version. ( My English is not perfect, sorry :) )

  7. Thanks to both of you, I will read and listen to all of the links you have mentioned. Have you both had your amalgam fillings removed? Joe, you have, I believe. I have five left. They are from the 1960's. I will look for a bio-safe dentist here in Denver. Never exposed to meth or cocaine!

  8. Hi Jennifer.
    Perhaps you can print some of the articles; A couple of weeks ago I emailed my story to a bio-dentist. He was amazed about all the articles that I collected. He said that he did not know all this, which I can imagen. Scientist discover more and more about these materials so I think it is difficult for dentists to stay "updated".I don't have my fillings replaced, I'm affraid to after my experience. I brush my teeth with baking soda, read somewhere that it dissolves glue from brackets/braces, so maybe it also dissolve the adhesive on my teeth and mucosa.The composites are almost gone,they started to fall apart by them self. My amalgams are also old ( 30 years) One doctor adviced me to only clean the surface of the amalgams.( sand and polish.)I think I go for a complete cleaning and hope that it will remove the adhesive on my teeth.

  9. I did have nine amalgam fillings removed/replaced. I grind my teeth and old fillings erode easier. I needed to get them removed anyways, so I had them replaced with dental materials my body can tolerate. I had no meth or coke experience either...still I think they could possibly interact with mercury within the system (as could dental adhesives). As a biochemist told me, "with toxicity, it's all about amounts". Cleaning out your system can only help.

  10. Hey Joe, left you a comment on the Morgellons Conference piece of yours yesterday. It still have 4 mercury fillings that must be dealt with soon.

    My skin/dermal involvement is mostly on my face. It began on my chin and is now creeping up both cheeks, my chin is severely affected still and terribly scarred. Oh! and the pain...this s**t hurts! Topically and deep tissue, literally, to the bone.

    On occasion, I have had minor cuts or abrasions that developed into a slow healing Morgellons sore with the characteristic fibers and such. Insect bites react/act in the same way, too.

    I need to have orthroscopic knee and shoulder surgery for very serious ligaments tears. But, I have opted out at this time, due to fears I won't heal properly or not at all.

    My bone doctor is pushing the surgery, yet, I don't have a primary care physician and can't find one. To date, over the last 1 year, I have been turned down by 30+ doctors in NW Alabama and NE Mississippi.

    And, the emergency room in Russellville, AL., turned me away, after having me in the last stall for 2 hours. Then they told me they could not do anything for me, "Leave". They wanted me to sign a paper, relieving them of reliability.

    Oh, I signed it alright.
    I wrote and stated I disagreed with the doctor, Brendela Montgomery and the staff at Russellville ER, due to the signs and symptoms I present with, I feel infectious and may be highly contagious. I signed it, had my friend witness it, then I had the intake secretary sign it, make me a copy and sign that.

    This was when my eye was infected, too. I was seen the next 3 days in a row by my ophthalmologist because 'it' had infected my eye, resulting in vision loss, pain, etc.

    Following this event, I was humiliated and tortured by a dermatologist the ER referred me to, after they refused to treat me. Go know how that went? South!

    That man screamed at me, had me in tears and told me to "Shut up or I will not treat you!" He didn't do a d*** thing, nothing. Except, on paper say, "Rash".

    'Sweet Jesus!'

    I don't know Joe, guess I needed a moment to vent. Sorry 'bout that.

    Where was I? To my psychiatrist, he has me on Adderal 20mg bid. You think, I maybe shouldn't take this? I can't really tell that it has caused any increase in the dermal problem.

    I haven't and don't use, ever, coke or meth. I'm a chronic insomniac, back in the day, when I was young, I stayed away from it and that s*** was everywhere.

    I deal with that accusation, a lot. Because I have bad skin with sores, I must be on drug's mentality. I have cried a bucket of tears over that one and disowned a few people, too.

    I have commented, that the intellect of the average Morgellons sufferer is way above average. Yeah, so much for the propaganda painting MD sufferers are 'looney toon dope heads'. The conference proved that for me, I was in the company with some educated, intelligent people, maybe a little eccentric but, well above the norm.

    That was cool and comforting. There's hope for the rest, because of us, Joe.

    'Us' the searching ones...

    Damn Joe, I have somes thoughts 'bout the questionare, but I lost em in my head:)

    Touch back with ya soon, seriously, that little bit of that wore me out.

    Thanks Joe for searching too,

    Joe, I mean...I don't think it's a good idea for me to open up my skin. The break in my skin barrier has proved in the recent past, to not be a good thing.

    For example, I had rubbed a blister on my big toe, breaking in new boots but, it took months to 'get it' healed. I have had it in my eye, lips, nose(there now), ear and 'it' grew out of 2 warts on my hand.

  11. Robin, Please do a little searching on Dr. Hark Hyman's work to promote Functional Medicine. He talks regularly about "Broken Brain Syndrome" (in other words the brain may be broken until the full body functions properly). Also consider Alison Adam's work and book with pre-amalgam removal protocol. Work by Dr. Chris Shade is also very, very important...keep in mind YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Peace, Joe