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Friday, July 10, 2015

Communications With Dr. Amin

The recently aired “Diagnose Me” (found at: ) episode prompted me to once again communicate with Dr. Omar Amin; in it, Dr. Amin is portrayed as having diagnosed me with mercury toxicity. I wrote him to see if I could get clarification of his understanding of Morgellons Disease in relation to mercury exposure.  I’d like to share what I wrote and the response…but first, let’s go back seven years.

I had recovered from Morgellons Disease symptoms and had moved on. One day within the first year of recovery, I reviewed Kellett’s 1935 article titled “Sir Thomas Browne and the Disease Called The Morgellons” ( I recognized patterns in historic cases of Morgellons Disease (my background in research is as an archaeologist) which suggested mercury exposure. I took an entire summer to research these patterns primarily by sifting through medical libraries in London and archival collections in Montpellier, France. I wrote up my findings and it was accepted for publication in Explore! a peer-reviewed medical journal for professionals.

In response to my request to share his thoughts on my published research Dr. Amin responded with,

                                                                                                Oct 22, 2008
…your and my writings conflict if you believe that  ‘early cases cannot be connected to dental adhesives.’ Your subsequent statement is highly speculative and not supported by facts or my research. Compatibility findings are the only test for the effect of specific toxins (including drugs), on the expression of symptoms, neurological or other. I am glad that you managed to publish the results of your library research, which I supported. This, however, is a far cry from having done the actual work with hundreds of patients over many years of testing. Your ‘theory’ is only as good as the facts that back it up. Well, you asked for my thoughts.”
Dr. Omar M. Amin, Director, Parasitology Center, Inc. (PCI)

Of course, the early cases most certainly weren’t connected to dental adhesives; they did not exist in these historic time frames.  As for my theory of Morgellons Disease being a form of mercury poisoning, the number of people represented from approximately 1550- 1776 over the Languedoc area of France would far exceed the number of patients Dr. Amin has worked with- I think the patterns I discovered merits the full attention of the medical world.

Let’s flash back to the present. After watching the Discovery/ Life show related to my recovery (partial fact/ partial fiction), I decided to contact Dr. Amin to get a better understanding of his take on the role of mercury in developing Morgellons Disease symptoms.  Anyhow, I figured I should write and, assuming Dr. Amin now sees these symptoms as connected to mercury, suggest in a kind fashion he simply point sufferers  in the direction of someone who specializes in mercury detox.

Here is my letter-
                                                                                                                June 16th, 2015
Dear Dr. Amin,
I hope this note finds you well. I had mixed feeling about the final version of the Discovery/ Life Channel's version of my story/ recovery from MD symptoms and wanted to ask about your current understanding. Do you presently understand MD as a form of mercury toxicity? If so, do you have any publications reflecting on this?

As you well know, my research certainly has been directed toward bridging our understanding of MD and mercury; many people with this understanding have asked me for direction. Dr. Chris Shade and his associates at Quicksilver Scientific ( ) have the best understanding of mercurial speciation and internal migration, so I have been directing sufferers in their direction.

Please know I have the greatest of respect for you as a parasitologist, but feel mercury toxicity is complex and should be handled with the greatest of care by those who specialize in it. I hope this makes sense to you.

Joe Keleher

His response on the same day was-

“Hello Joseph. Thanks for writing and for your kind words. Glad to know that the "thing" aired because we tried to find it everywhere but failed. So I have no idea what transpired. Do you have an account of this program that you can share with us?

I share your opinions re MD and Mercury. However, my research and the examination of over 1000 patients over about 10 years have demonstrated that Morgellons/NCS is basically an allergic reaction to chemical toxins, mostly dental but not exclusively so. Mercury is only one part of the total slue of dental chemical. Yes, I have many publications on the subject but not exclusively on mercury. Please find these if you click on "publications) on our web site and down load to your heart's desire. With best regards.

Dr. Omar M. Amin, Director
Parasitology Center (PCI) and Institute of Parasitic Diseases (IPD)

My reason for sharing these communications are several. First, I would certainly like to thank Dr. Amin for his assistance in the recovery of some who have/had symptoms from the Morgellons Disease Spectrum. He is a very well respected Parasitologist and his work showed- 1) these symptoms are not due to a parasitic infestation and 2) patients may need to have dental work remediated. He should pass his findings on to those who qualify to assist sufferers in detoxification.

Dr. Amin does not qualify to act as a toxicologist. I wish he would write a short piece for the lay audience to assure them that symptoms are not parasitic in nature, but relate to toxicity (he could provide a list of names and contact information for qualified medical professionals). My opinion is he should not be making money off from other people’s suffering.

My clearest reason for writing this piece and sharing my communications with Dr. Amin are to assure sufferers- I DO NOT RECOMMEND VISITING DR. AMIN (sorry about the caps, but I want this to be very clear). Over the years it has been a continual frustration that somehow people think Dr. Amin and I have worked together and are on the same page. Again I thank him for helping me in finding my way along a dangerous health path, but think it is time for him to pass patients on to those who qualify for such work.

I hope to see more and more people recover. 

To Your Health,


  1. Mr. Keleher,
    I was surprised to see your account of our Morgellons work at PCI. You either have a conveniently weak memory or you are the most ungrateful back-stabbing person I have ever worked with. Your first paper was only published in Explore because of my intervention with the editor on your behalf. If was not for your following my NCS protocol and my following up with you over the years you wouldn't be where you are now. Attempting to disqualify my expertise is despicable. What makes you a toxicologist, sir, and what do you know about honor. Your focus on mercury overlooks the total picture. I am not interested in seeing any of your referrals as i sever all ties with you. The following 2 letters will authenticate the above statements. You end your letter expressing your extreme gratitude to me and sign off as "FOREVER A FAN".

    Letter 1
    Dear Dr. Amin,

    Hello from the Four Corners area (I am now living in ____ ___ ___ and working at a school in _________). I AM DOING VERY WELL--NO DOUBT LARGELY BECAUSE OF MY BEING ABLE TO CONNECT TO YOU AND BETTER UNDERSTAND MY CONDITION. I have drafted an account of my being ill and my recovery (it still needs some work...but i feel very strongly i need to share this with others who are suffering). I have not shared this with others yet (I'm hoping to have it posted on would like your feedback (are my quotes of you accurate? is there any info you would recommend I include?). I do not plan on submitting this for another month or two. When you have a chance, I would appreciate your reading it. Thank you.


    FOREVER A FAN, Joe Keleher

    My response to your letter


    Thank you very much for writing. I could not download your revised account. I am happy that you agree about sharing one's experience. The Morgellons Foundation will not publish or recognize your writing because they are unable to provide the kind of answer that i have and they do not talk to me either. Do not be disappointed. Try Explore magazine and mention my name to Chrystyne Jackson, owner, publisher and good friend. Explore is a great homeopathic medical publication that i often publish in myself. Call her at her office at ___-___-____ or ___-___-____ and let me know the outcome. Of course this is a scientific journal that may not reach the public. I would continue to try other popular magazines and newspapers. You may even want to try the Discover magazine. Good luck, and thanks again.


    By Scott Mason on behalf of Dr. Omar Amin

  2. Dear Dr. Amin,

    I am "forever a fan" of your work for two reasons- 1) you made it clear to me I was not dealing with a parasitic infestation and 2) you connected symptoms to dental toxicity. While following your protocol, I was also under the care of biologic dentist Dr. Lee and homeopathic Bruce Shelton, MD.

    When I visited your office and you made mention of dental toxicity, you stated it was due to adhesives and not mercury. During my first visit with Dr, Lee nearly his first words were, "This is mercury poisoning." Dr. Bruce Shelton tested me for heavy metals finding I was high in mercury, aluminum, and lead. Certainly, the safe removal and replacement of my mercury fillings was a key piece in my recovery. The chelation work with Dr. Shelton was also a key piece in my recovery. So, I guess what I am saying is- it is very difficult to establish whether your protocol was helpful or not. All I know is I am glad to have connected with you. What I was going though was very, very difficult and I thank you for the role you played.

    You may recall I wrote my account of recovery for sufferers you were working with at the time. In writing, I had not considered publishing the piece. Again, I am glad you promoted it with Crystyne Jackson (publisher of Explore!). It was in editing this piece for publication that I began to look at patterns through time which show a link between mercury exposure and symptoms (and subsequently spent a summer doing research).

    My background in research is as an archaeologist; I qualify to discuss patterning within the realm of history and prehistory. I have never claimed to be a toxicologist or a medical professional (in fact, I have through the years made it very clear I am neither).

    You are highly respected as a parasitologist (in fact, my primary care MD Leonard Cain once told me he regularly sent materials your way for analysis), but should be redirecting sufferers towards qualified medical professionals; this is primarily what I am trying to present. Please consider this.

    Joe Keleher

  3. Dear Joe,

    I am responding to you personally as Dr. Amin will no longer communicate with you. Your point that mercury is just to blame for Morgellons is short sighted and very limited. There are over 700 different dental materials used in patients mouths that can be toxic and exhibit symptoms such as yours (referenced in the article below).

    You were referred to Drs. Shelton and Lee by Dr. Amin as per our NCS protocol not by your own accord. So your point that we do not refer patients to qualified medical professionals is moot and a downright lie. We always refer patients for further testing and treatment to qualified practitioners so we do not need to consider your point.

    I suggest you read Dr. Amins publication regarding dental materials and their toxic ingredients you may learn something.

    We would never state that it would be one thing or another dental material wise without a blood bio-compatibility test to check for your sensitivities. It's a shame that you believe the only reason you are were you are is because of yourself. Why would you agree to go on the Discovery show if you didn't believe it was our protocol that saved you and many others?

    Scott Mason
    Center's Office Manager

  4. Dear Scott,

    My claim has always been that in part or whole mercury is linked to the symptoms often called Morgellons Disease. I know there are many other dental toxins.

    I was not referred to Dr. Lee or Dr. Shelton by your office. I had visited Dr. Lee's office before vising yours (your office suggested I find a biologic dentist to get testing, but Dr. Lee would probably not have been Dr. Amin's choice) . I found Dr. Shelton's office number in an alternative med. magazine and made these arrangements on my own. You need to get your facts right.

    I have read a number of Dr. Amin's publications and referenced them in my writing. I appreciate what he has done toward building the case of MD or NCS relating to issues of toxicity.

    I never said "I am where I am because of myself". Dr. Amin, Dr. Shelton, Dr. Lee, Alison Adams, ND, Dr. Hyman, Dr. Shade, and many others have played part in finding my way towards health. Certainly, I have had to do much research myself. The "bug crawling" sensations I had (among other symptoms) was likely parenthesia and resolved with removal of fillings and chelation.

    The Discovery Channel contacted me to do the show. I was willing to share my story to help others who are suffering, but not to promote anyone's business. I have communicated with a number of people who have come through your office- some are better and some are not.

    I have no doubt your protocol is beneficial, but, as sufferers are overlapping protocols (as I was), it is difficult to link recovery to specifics . Quicksilver Scientific appears to have the best grasp of detoxification in relation to mercury.

    Joe Keleher

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  6. Hang in there Joe, the team over at PCI did help me quite a bit early on but it became very obvious afterwards that I have chronic Lyme disease. Ginger Savely, another reputed expert in this field, claims that roughly 2% of the 800+ Morgellons patients she sees do not have Lyme at all but rather manifest symptoms while combating HIV, Cancer and even current traumatic stress.

  7. This is actually comical relief after the torturous journey I went through with a man who claimed to be a doctor, but is nothing more than a parasite who should stick to studying himself and be banned from public contact. Not only did this man take my money as a single mother, he stole my dignity.
    He offered me the opportunity to present alongside at an international conference after I expressed my desire to dedicate my life to helping prevent others suffering. He knew the vulnerable state I was in and convinced me that in exchange for my time and years of presenting experience in the medical field that my perspective from the patient side would be compensated via an all expense paid trip. This is not unusual when volunteering time toward research in medicine. However this man is pure evil and tricked me into going out of the country, or at least tried to, except he didn't realize who he was up against. After this 80 something year old naked old man tried raping me in our hotel room I escaped. Oddly despite several warnings of his need to keep off of me he still attempted again the next morning when I awoke with his naked body on top of me. After seriously resisting the urge to break old man river's hip and confused at the attempt considering his opposed position to hardware in the body, I pushed him off of me. He continued multiple times to manipulate, bully, and downright enslave me by screaming and threatening me. Until I stood up to him letting him know that he had no power over me and that his money did not allure me but instead made me want to vomit.
    I have proof and documentation of all of this to back my story along with photo evidence (Thanks Omar & smart phones)
    It is sick what people of influence and money (stolen from patients) try to get away with in this world but no matter what Omar it catches up to you. You are a sick old man that needs to be put away in a padded cell where you cannot attempt to rape vulnerable women, men, or children as you were previously accused of prior to me, yes I know about that now. Sick, sick, sick! People who are truly suffering, as I was, that are seeking true physicians sometimes avoid alternative health because of wackOs like this and it is truly unfortunate.
    When I requested my chart as a medical provider is required by law to provide when accepting monies from patients in exchange for care, I received only the forms I filled out. When I did further research with top professionals throughout the world on this man's work much of it was plagiarized from previous practitioners.
    One final thing, if I was your "wife" in a past life as you mentioned in your attempt to bully me, trust me Lorena Bobbitt would have had nothing on me :)
    I pray for the safety of all those who may cross your path and hope they are few and far between. I also pray mercy on your twisted, deranged soul.