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Friday, June 1, 2012

A Good Book in an Odd Light

Life is starting to get busy! My house is up for sale, I’m job hunting and I’ve been working on several pieces of writing. The majority of my word-work is focused on non-fiction and this prompted me to check the local library’s shelf for new acquisitions. I want to share some on The Autism Revolution by Martha Herbert, MD, PhD with Karen Weintraub (published through Harvard Health Publications).

As with many of the books on health issues, I typically scan to see content and focus in on particular interest. You know me; first thing to examine is what is being shared on mercury. Surprisingly there is very, very little. In fact it’s shocking how little is shared on mercury. Two paragraphs are dedicated to the well-known rule of “Don’t eat big fish” and mercury is mentioned as a toxin on another page. That’s it! The authors dedicated a similar amount of the text to Pop-Tarts. I’m not an expert on autism. However, I do believe there is enough known to suggest mercury plays some role in the growing number of autistic as well as ADD and ADHD sufferers. It should have been addressed and not ignored. Okay, time for me to step down from my soapbox and share why I think you should look at this book.

While mercury is not discussed directly, the whole-body strategies seems to mimic excellent means for recovery from mercury exposure (such as presented in Chronic Fatigue, ME, and Fibromyalgia: The Natural Recovery Plan by Alison Adams and found along with an exceptional amount of worthwhile articles and information at: It is very well written and easy to understand. The writers consider a web of issues in addressing autism along with case examples. I highly recommend reading this book!

One other thought on the whole matter. While the Morgellons/ Mercury/ Autism connection has yet to be confirmed through research by medical professionals. It certainly makes sense to view Morgellons on a spectrum (in general as well as specific description). The autism spectrum of symptoms as discussed in the many cases of recovery in this volume and their documented regression/removal follows the “Nutrients in- Toxins out” approach parallels recovery stories from Morgellons sufferers.

As so little is being written on Morgellons directly, reading books on other systemic conditions such as The Autism Revolution may prove fruitful.


  1. I just tagged this off of the Healing Grapevine site and love it.

    The Five Pillars of Health:

    Inspiration Fall in Love daily, be struck with Awe for no reason at all. Say Thank You Alot.

    Respiration Breathing is the life force that harnesses Oxygen...Breathing exercises or Oxygen therapies/supplements are a growing awareness for countering the effects of aging.

    Perspiration Being physically active has a simple rule...move it or lose it.

    Urination Hydration is one of the cheapest and simplest health solutions we can employ for ourselves and the positive effects for our skin are immediate.

    Elimination The research is proving when it comes to disease, colon and intestinal health must work properly to Release The Toxins!
    Recover the light.

  2. This is a good framework to build off from!